By Ciara

1st July 2019

‘Love Island’s Joe Garratt has blasted Lucie Donlan after she admitted to having feelings for Tommy Fury.

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The ousted former contestant had been suspicious of Lucie and Tommy’s close friendship when he was coupled up with Lucie in the ‘Love Island’ villa and after she confessed her feelings for the boxer, Joe took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

He wrote:

“Always trust your gut instincts.”

Lucie – who had briefly been coupled up with Tommy at the beginning of the series – told him she wanted to explore a romantic relationship with him, saying: “I would be up for what we had before. I know there could be something more.”

However, Lucie was ultimately left disappointed when Tommy revealed he is happy with his current partner, Molly-Mae Hague.

He said:

“I have found everything I want in Molly -Mae.”

And he told Molly-Mae:

“Do you think I’m gonna be the same after her intentions? I’m here for you and only you.”

Molly-Mae went on to confront Lucie, admitting she was shocked by Lucie’s feelings for Tommy as she thought the pair were just friends.

She said:

“It feels like the wool’s been pulled over my eyes slightly.

“For you to say that, deep down there must have been something there.

“I was just a bit shocked because I genuinely thought you were categorically just friends.”

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