By Ciara

1st July 2019

Former ‘Love Island’ star Arabella Chi is keen to wait for Danny Williams when he leaves the show, but insists he “wasn’t a man” when he failed to tell Yewande Biala how he felt about the 28-year-old model.

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The 28-year-old star was dumped from ‘Love Island’ last week, days after 23-year-old scientist Yewande was axed from the ITV2 dating show when Danny picked Arabella over her.

Danny was torn between her and Yewande, who he was coupled up with at the time, but it was left to Arabella to tell Yewande how the 21-year-old model felt.

She said:

“I feel like he wasn’t a man in that situation.

“He’s very mature for his age, but in that scenario … they don’t tell the truth because they don’t want to hurt.

“There was never an issue between Yewande and I. It was Danny who was the issue.

“I told her the truth from as soon as I felt Danny wasn’t telling her the truth.

“I wanted to put her in the picture straight away.

“I feel between us [me and Yewande] there wasn’t any awkwardness.”

Arabella is keen to wait for Danny to leave the villa to “see what happens” between the pair, and insists she didn’t have a problem with him sharing a bed with 24-year-old newcomer Jourdan Riane on last night’s (30.06.19) episode.

Speaking on ‘Lorraine’, she added:

“We were only coupled up for three days so I do feel he’s very much single, as I am.

“Hopefully when he comes out we’ll have a chat and see what happens.

“But he’s entitled to do what he’s in there to do.”

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