By Emma Moylan

8th July 2019

A Fully-Trained Paramedic: What Do We Know About Laura Tott?

We know her best as the welcoming waitress from the First Dates restaurant in London, but just who is Laura Nicole Tott? What’s her normal job? And more importantly, who is she dating?

Whilst we’re all now addicted to Love Island (ahem, guilty) some of us still remain faithful to the original dating show; Channel 4‘s First Dates. I mean, who hasn’t thought about applying?

Thrusting together some romantic hopefuls, we love to watch the awkwardness unfold as the potential love-birds flirt their way through dinner.

And who is there watching over the bumbling fools? Waitress, Laura Tott.

But as with anything on TV, the show is a bit of an illusion as the staff all have actual day jobs and alongside First Dates, Laura has been training to become a paramedic.


Laura Shared The News On Social Media

She wrote:

“I DID IT! I’m a registered paramedic. Tonight marks my first shift as a paramedic. Wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. Never been so excited/nervous. And yes of course I’ll still be doing First Dates.” 

People were quick to congratulate the First Dates waitress, including colleagues Cici Coleman, Austin Ventour, Sam Conrad and maitre d’ Fred Sirieix.


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My Bestie Tommi 🐶

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Fans sent their wishes and praise for the waitress, expressing how inspiring she was.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user simply commented:

“”I’d happily Chuck myself under a bus if you could guarantee that you’d be first paramedic on scene…. #lovely”

A paramedic might not have been the first thing to spring to your mind but if you were shocked by that, wait until you hear her previous posting.

Before she first appeared on the Channel 4 show, Laura was actually a member of the Royal Navy with HMS Raleigh in Cornwall. A woman of many talents!

She posted a photo on social media with her shipmates, adding the caption:

“Exactly a year ago today I joined the Royal Navy. I made some of the best and craziest friends. I’m so proud of all of you and I miss you so much”


Travelling the world, Laura described herself as a “graduate of the university of life”.

Who Is She Dating?

She might surrounded by those unlucky in love but Miss Tott has no issues herself in the world of romance.

Her and her hunky boyfriend tend to stay out of the spotlight but from their photos on Instagram, it looks like they’re pretty loved up.


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Perfect day for a wedding

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The only they do keep secret is his identity! Mysterious…

We do know that they’ve been dating for years so could we see an engagement ring soon? Here’s hoping.

Her Sister Was Caught Selling Sex Online

Laura’s sister Rebecca Tott was formerly a secretary to Dominic Raab, before she was caught selling sex online to ‘sugar daddies’.

The former secretary was suspended after she was caught saying that she’d “love to get sacked” for being with a client on her boss’s desk.

She also told undercover reporters that she knew her boss’s every move, which led to an investigation after fears that Rebecca made herself a blackmail target.

Laura Tott and Her Sister Rebecca Tott
Laura Tott and Her Sister Rebecca Tott

After an undercover reported posed as a wealthy business, Rebecca told him that she could have “full undisputed access” for £750.

A former British intelligence officer explained that even at her low-level position, she could have been a long-term target for foreign intelligence agencies.

Rebecca reportedly said:

 “This is having huge implications on us as a family.

“Obviously the allegations aren’t fantastic. They aren’t great for my career, but we’ll deal with that.”

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