Emmerdale's Isabel Hodgins Won't Go On Tinder After Split From Mike Parr

By Ciara

24th July 2019

‘Emmerdale’ star Isabel Hodgins won’t go on Tinder after her split from Mike Parr because she’s an “old romantic”.

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The ‘Emmerdale’ actress – who plays Victoria Sugden – split from boyfriend and former co-star Mike Parr (Ross Barton) earlier this year when he quit the show and moved to America for work, and while she’s enjoying single life she doesn’t want to turn to online dating in her search for love.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said:

“I personally wouldn’t go on Tinder – but I know there are people here who are. It is harder to meet someone when you are in the public eye.

Someone could meet you and then find out later you are on the telly and that might change things.

If I was to meet someone I wouldn’t even know where to start. It is all too modern for me – I want courtship, love letters. I am an old romantic.”

The 25-year-old soap star explained she isn’t putting much pressure on herself to find a new partner, and she’s more focused on her work and family life.

She added:

“I’m enjoying being by myself. But to be fair I haven’t got time for a relationship with work, my dog, going back to Manchester to see my family. I am so busy.

I feel like being on my own and being single, I am just working out who I am. I am really enjoying it. I am just finding me again because I was a half of a couple and now I am just me and I am liking it.

If someone did the whole romance thing I might be swayed, but I certainly won’t be swiping!”

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