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10th July 2019

Ruby Allen Eastenders: Her Evolution Over The Years

She’s the daddy’s little princess who has a bit of bite when someone crosses her line. This is the evolution of Ruby Allen (Eastenders).

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Eastenders’ Ruby first appearance…

Ruby Allen (played by Louisa Lytton) first came to Albert Square in 2005 in hopes of finding her father, Johnny Allen. She becomes best friends with Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), even staying with the market girl after she had an argument with her dad.

Her relationship with her father…

During this argument, we discover that the Allen family had been in a fire where Johnny accidentally saved Ruby, rather than her sister Scarlet, who he had meant to save.

She overhears Peggy saying that her dad is violent and a murderer. He denies this to her when she confronts him about the rumours yet she is aware that he is lying to her face.

Ruby is nearly run over by a taxi and she is shocked to discover that the taxi driver is her father’s finacée: Tina! Although she later accepts their relationship. However, she soon learns that Johnny is having an affair with Amy.

She tells Tina and the taxi driver leaves Johnny, causing even more tension in the father-daughter relationship.

Ruby Allen and father Johnny

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Ruby has her eyes opened to Johnny’s cruel actions – murdering Andy Hunter as well as orchestrating the death of Dennis Rickman.

In the BBC soaps ‘Get Johnny Week’, we see Grant and Phil Mitchell do anything to get Sharon justice for Dennis’ death. However, Ruby arrives just in time to convince her father to hand himself over to the police.

Johnny dies from a heart attack whilst in prison.

Ruby’s love life…


The first guy we see Ruby interested in is Juley Smith. Her father is unsure about him but that doesn’t stop her from moving in with him as well as losing her virginity to him.

As can be imagined from a first boyfriend, Ruby can see no problems with Juley – she even goes against Johnny for him! So you can imagine the devastation when she discovers that Phil has been paying Juley to date Ruby. It was all part of his evil plan against Johnny.

She does give her relationship with Juley another chance but realises she cannot trust him when she is checking his phone calls.


Sean Slater – the brother of Ruby’s best friend Stacey – is Ruby’s next love interest.

However, after he has proposed to her, she finds out that he is only dating her for her money and that he is sleeping with others behind her back. She soon learns that Sean was in prison with her father and he revealed the reasons why he was going to date Ruby. This is what made him have a heart attack!

The couple remain together despite this, but after Ruby tells Sean and Stacey’s mum, Jean, that Sean has returned to Walford he publicly breaks up with her. At the end of the break up, he throws her fathers ashes in her face!

It is after this that Ruby leaves Walford.

Ruby Allen’s Eastenders return in 2018…

Ruby returned to Walford in 2018 and instantly reunited with Stacey Fowler!

Stacey and her husband, Martin Fowler, invite Ruby to Martin’s school reunion. Whilst their, Ruby flirts with one of Martin’s friends, Ross. She ends up going home with him and having sex, however, she wakes up with Matt, another friend of Martin, on top of her!

She confesses this to Stacey and she informs Ruby that she has been raped by Matt.

Ruby goes to the police and eventually Matt AND Ross are charged with rape. However, Ruby is tagged in photos online with the comments stating that she is lying. She considers dropping the charges but changes her mind after talking to Stacey.

Ruby decides to take things into her own hands – à la Johnny – and tricks Matt and Ross to come to her apartment. She is about to castrate Ross when Martin and Stacey stop her. They tell her to trust in the system.

Eventually, Ross and Matt are sentenced to ten years in jail for Ruby’s rape.

Moving on…

Ruby starts to become friendly with Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and he realises that he has developed feelings for her. She is sceptical about starting something new due to her still coming to terms with the rape.

Jay and Ruby have an off-and-on relationship that is interwoven with the return of Jay’s ex, Lola (Danielle Harold) along with Ben Mitchell and their daughter, Lexie. Jay and Lola kiss but Ben reveals to Jay that Lola is engaged!

He immediately calls off things with Lola and decides to start a relationship with Ruby.

Upcoming Eastenders spoilers…

Ruby will start a relationship with Max Branning (Jake Wood). The question is, will she still be with Jay when this starts?

Eastenders - Ruby and Max get together

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