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5th July 2019

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro AJ Pritchard has shot to the defence of his brother, ‘Love Island’ contestant Curtis Pritchard, and hit out at him being “portrayed” as if he has “cheated” on Amy Hart.

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The ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ pro has shot to the defence of his sibling after Curtis explained to “half-girlfriend” Amy that he was recently interested in newcomer Jourdan Riane, who he kissed as part of a task, and AJ has also blasted some of the girls for “blocking” Amy from speaking to Curtis.

He said:

“It’s been portrayed that he’s kind of cheated on her, whereas realistically, yes he kissed another girl, but that was in a task. He slept outside with Tommy in a bed. Him and Tommy’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

I feel like she [Amy] does have to trust in Curtis, I know that it is hard.

It’s hard seeing him upset, and seeing the whole bigger picture from the outside.

Curtis wears his heart on his sleeve, he can’t lie.

It’s important, with Amy and Curtis now, the other girls are blocking Amy, they don’t want him to come in and speak to her.”

Curtis opened up to Amy on last night’s (03.07.19) show after she and the girls returned from Casa Amor, telling her she tried to pursue Jourdan but she wasn’t interested, and he ended up recoupling with Amy.

And in emotional scenes, the pro dancer also told the air hostess there were some issues with their relationship, and AJ is hoping the pair can patch up their differences.

He said:

“I think he should stay with Amy. Curtis does what he feels and he wants to get back with her.”

Asked if he approves of Amy, AJ said:

“100 per cent yeah, she’s a gorgeous girl and her personality.”

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