Billie Faiers Slams 'Rude' Phillip Schofield Over Wedding Questions

By Ciara

2nd July 2019

Billie Faiers was “in shock” over Phillip Schofield’s “rude” questions on ‘This Morning’ when he quizzed her about the cost of her wedding.

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The 29-year-old reality star – who married Greg Shepherd in front of 100 guests in the Maldives in March – appeared on the show earlier this year alongside her sister Sam Faiers and she and her sibling were stunned when the host started quizzing her about the cost of her nuptials.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine:

“I was in shock. Prior to our appearance, I’d been very clear that I don’t talk about money. It’s rude and it’s nobody’s business but ours.

“They were trying to insinuate that we got the wedding for free, which is so far from the truth. We saved for our wedding for years.”

During the interview, 57-year-old Phillip claimed the wedding would have cost around £229,000 and asked how much discount she’d received on the celebrations.

Phillip said:

“My God, you must be earning beautifully to be able to do this.

“This is the Kuramathi resort in the Maldives. So we had a look, if you were to stay there next Saturday it would be £650 a night.

“That would be £4,588 for a week for the superior beach villa. The whole week for 100 guests – £229,000. So you must have got a deal there.”

The ‘Mummy Diaries’ stars giggled awkwardly before Sam said:

“Not much of a deal.”

Phillip again asked if it cost “£229 grand”, and Billie replied:

“Yeah it wasn’t quite that.

“Because there was a large group of us we had the beach houses and split them in two.

“Two families would be in one beach house. It really helped us out with the rooms and stuff.”

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