By Ciara

3rd July 2019

Former ‘Love Island’ star Arabella Chi had said she was prepared to wait for Danny Williams on the outside, but she is now said to have ditched him after he recoupled with island newcomer Jourdan Riane on last night’s (02.07.19) episode.

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The 28-year-old model had admitted she would be prepared to wait for the 21-year-old star once he left the ITV2 dating show, but she is now said to have decided “things are well and truly over” after he hooked up with the newcomer on last night’s (02.07.19) episode.

A source told The Sun Online:

“Arabella’s feelings for Danny were really genuine but she thinks he has shown his true colours now.

“They had an amazing connection when they were on the show and she had hoped they could make things work on the outside.

“But she did also make it clear she wouldn’t be made to look like a mug so it’s fair to say that things with Danny are well and truly over.

“She told pals that she won’t be starting off where they left off when he leaves the villa.”

The writing was on the wall as Danny and Jourdan had been sharing steamy smooching sessions and a bed for the past few nights.

Speaking yesterday (02.07.19), Arabella admitted:

“I didn’t enjoy seeing Danny’s kiss that’s for sure.”

Arabella also took a swipe at Danny, saying he had been “acting his age” after he “jumped ship” to Jourdan just days after she was dumped from the island.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ star – who won over Danny’s affections in the villa, which led to Yewande Biala being dumped – said:

“I think he’s saying the same to her [Jourdan] as he did to me. Obviously with Yewande, I feel like it’s history repeating itself but in a very short period of time.

“I feel like he’s just acting his age which, yeah, does change my view on him because I feel like he’s acting like a 21 year old now.

“He’s just jumping ship. But like I said, he is single like I’m single so he can …. you know … he’s entitled to do what he wants to do.”

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