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12th July 2019

Amanda Holden has recalled she once pooped herself when walking back from a night out, and her boyfriend at the time washed the dump out of her underwear.

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The 48-year-old star has opened up about being caught short one evening, and she could feel the premature poop in her underwear as she walked home.

She said:

“I pooed myself, but I did have a funny tummy.

“But I did walk home and it felt like I had a small b*****k in my pants.

“Like a warm, pooey b*****k.

“The poo was the b*****k.”

Amanda’s boyfriend at the time wasn’t deterred by troublesome turd, and he came to the rescue by washing her soiled briefs.

Speaking on tonight’s (11.07.19), ‘Shopping With Keith Lemon’, she says:

“And then my then-boyfriend – this is how much he loved me – went home and he rinsed my knickers.

That’s love isn’t it? It’s deep love.”

But Amanda isn’t the only star to have been caught short.

Last year, Sharon Osbourne revealed she pooped in her garden – and blamed her dog for the dump when her gardener spotted the mess.

And, like Amanda, Sharon also blamed her doo-doo on a “bad tummy”.

She said:

“Ozzy was in rehearsals, and it was about two in the morning.

I get home and I don’t have the key and there was nobody there.

I had got a really, really bad tummy, and you need to do something. And I was really, really sick.

Anyway I had to go in the front garden. There were loads of trees and nobody could see a thing.”

After plopping out her poop, Sharon thought she was out of the woods only for the couple’s gardener to spot the splat – and the quick-thinking star told him one of their pet pooches had done their business, rather than admitting she was the mystery mess-maker.

She added:

“However the next day the gardener came to me and said, ‘One of the dogs is very sick.’

“I said: ‘Did you clear it up?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah,’ and I said, ‘Good.’ “

‘Shopping With Keith Lemon’ airs tonight (11.07.19) at 10pm on ITV2.

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