Amanda Holden Gave Birth In FULL Glam

By Ciara

3rd July 2019

Amanda Holden gave birth in “full glam” after being told she needed to have a caesarean section, because she knew it wouldn’t get ruined by a strenuous birth.

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The 48-year-old television star has revealed that after being told she’d need to have a C-section to give birth to her eldest daughter Lexi, now 13, because of her placenta previa – which causes the placenta to block the opening to the womb – she decided to go all out with her make-up look, as she knew it wouldn’t get ruined by a strenuous birth.

Speaking on her Heart Breakfast Show on Tuesday (02.07.19), Amanda – who has Lexi and Hollie, seven, with her husband Chris Hughes – said:

“My Lexi had this thing called placenta previa which means she couldn’t come out the normal way because her placenta was in the way, she was using it as a cushion basically, she was doing like a headstand on it.

“So I had to have a C-section so I did full glam. I had lip gloss, I did a lash. I literally said ‘Can I wear my [stilettos]?’ and they went ‘No way you, have to take your shoes off.'”

Meanwhile, the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge previously said she is “dreading” the day her daughters want to join social media, and said she already limits the time Lexi can spend on her phone.

She said:

“Like any working mum, I’m always juggling my job with what’s going on at home, and at the moment that includes limiting Lexi’s time on her mobile phone. She’ll be sitting the 11-plus soon so I have to be tougher than usual, especially when I see her tapping away to friends on WhatsApp.

“There’s so much politics about who’s in which chat groups, and it does concern me, as I know young girls can be upset over the slightest things. I’m dreading the day she wants to open a social media account. When it comes, I’ll let her, because I don’t want her to feel different from other girls her age, but I’ll monitor it closely. It’s not a milestone I’m looking forward to. Why can’t they stay babies forever?”

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