Remember Baby Emma From Friends? This Is What She Looks Like Now! fb arb

By Joe Royle

19th June 2019

So no one told you life was going to be this way…

Come on, you sang that in your head, didn’t you? This iconic sitcom touched the hearts of the nation. Who would have thought a group of friends would have such an impact on the world? Let’s be honest, we all see a bit of ourselves in Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Joey!

But aside from the fabulous five, so many celebs made guest appearance on the show and we have to give a round of applause to the extras. From boyfriends, girlfriends, a wife, kids and even a monkey – we have them all right here!

So, let’s take a look and see what all of these extras from our favorite show look like today after all this time…

Janice (Maggie Wheeler) – Then

She was the ultimate ex from hell who had a grating laugh that was enough to drive you clinically insane! Janice managed to stick around for nineteen episodes even after Chandler broke up with her (on multiple occasions).

He even told her he was moving to Yemen in a bid to get rid of her once and for all! It didn’t work of course…

Janice Goralnik became a Friends favourite for her brilliantly annoying portrayal, and actress Maggie Wheeler went on to become a recurring character on Everybody Loves Raymond and Anita Warrell in sitcom Ellen.

Did you know she originally auditioned for the role of Monica Geller? Although the role went to Courtney Cox (and we couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the neurotic character), she was invited to play the character of Janice.

And the rest, shall we say, is history!

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