Piers Morgan Jokes Sharon Osbourne Is Scarier Than Convicted Killers

By Ciara

18th June 2019

‘Psychopath’ broadcaster Piers Morgan says Sharon Osbourne scares him more than interviewing killers.

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The 54-year-old broadcaster is fronting a new show next week ‘Psychopath’ which sees him going behind bars in Texas to meet killer Paris Bennett, who stabbed his four-year-old sister to death at the age of 13.

Asked whether he gets more nervous chatting to celebrities for ‘Life Stories’ than he does interviewing inmates, Piers joked to TV Times:

“It’s a toss-up whether someone like Sharon Osbourne is more or less dangerous to interview than someone who’s killed 20 people.

“I don’t know how many people she’s killed with her bare hands but I imagine the answer is not zero!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Good Morning Britain’ host insisted he has a talent for making anyone – whether they’re a celebrity or a killer – open up to him about their lives.

He added:

“Trust me, trying to keep them in the room without alienating them is an art form.”

Meanwhile, Piers recently admitted he should probably review his “public persona” after receiving a namecheck on ‘Coronation Street’.

Although he was thrilled to receive the “badge of honour” of being mentioned on the popular soap last month, that disappeared once it was explained to him that David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) had joked he had to calm the rage the ‘Life Stories’ interviewer had sparked in his mother Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth).

He recently said:

“There’s no greater badge of honour than getting a namecheck on ‘Coronation Street’. So I was thrilled to hear my own was cited on tonight’s episode. Until I heard why…

“‘So how’s everybody’s morning been?’ asked Kylie Platt. ‘Quiet,’ replied David Platt, ‘though I did have to stop Mum throwing a tomahawk at Piers Morgan…’

“The camera homed in on a murderous-looking Gail Platt. Jeez, when even fictitious soap characters want to kill me, it may be time to review my public persona.”

‘Psychopath with Piers Morgan’ airs on June 27 at 9pm ITV.

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