Megan Barton-Hanson Slams Love Island's Joe For 'Controlling' Lucie

By Ciara

18th June 2019

Megan Barton-Hanson thinks Joe Garratt is “super controlling” and wants him to be voted off ‘Love Island’.

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The 2018 ‘Love Island’ contestant has slammed the 22-year-old catering boss for his treatment of partner Lucie Donlan after he told her to spend more time with the girls in the villa and while she admitted she hopes he gets voted off the show, she doesn’t want the 21-year-old beauty to have to go too.

She wrote in her column for The Sun Online:

“I felt so sorry for Lucie when Joe was telling her how to act. If he’s that unhappy he should just break it up. It’s like he was using that as his get out clause.

“It’s not right! I couldn’t believe it when he was telling her to hang out with the girls. He can’t dictate who she enjoys spending time with.

“I think Joe is super controlling but at the same time I feel like she a strong, feisty girl. She needs to speak up for herself and not speak up for herself.

“Lucie needs to tell him to do one! He’s really immature.

“After Joe’s outburst I think the others will vote him and Lucie as the least compatible. But I really don’t want Lucie to go – I want Joe to go. Go home and make your sandwiches!”

Her comments come after Lucie broke down in tears when Joe admitted he wasn’t happy about her “strange” friendship with Tommy Fury.

Speaking about Lucie’s friendship with Tommy, Joe said to her:

“I’m not happy with it. It’s strange. I think it’s time for you to get close with the girls.”

Megan also feels some of the other women in the show have been treating Lucie very fairly over her friendship with Tommy either.

She wrote:

“I think the way the girls acted when Maura [Higgins] and Elma [Pazar] came in was very uncalled for….

“It’s not been fair the way they have been treating Lucie either – especially Amy. My best friend is a boy but because he’s gay no one questions it. You can still have a close friendship between a straight girl and a straight guy.

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