Love Island's Sherif Lanre: Everything You Need To Know

By Lucy Cooper

4th June 2019

Love Island’s Sherif Lanre: Everything You Need To Know

Love Island’s Sherif Lanre is the one who- very unfortunately- found himself on the ‘sub’s bench’ in the opening episode- he has his questionable shirt to thank for that…

Us Love Island fans are sure to be signing our lives over to the show of the summer, once again, becoming all too familiar with Caroline Flack’s face and Iain Sterling’s voice.

He might not have got chosen, but he did end the episode coupled with Anna Vakili– the pharmacist who has been dubbed Britain’s Kim Kardashian- so things weren’t all bad for the London boy. Well, at the end of the day- it is what it is, isn’t it?

There’s more than even meets the eye to this one (and even that’s a lot)…

sherif lanre love island

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He’s A Chef

And goes by the name of ‘Shef the Chef’ in his Insta bio. Creative- we like it.

He’ll no doubt be a favourite amongst the Islanders, given his skills in the kitchen. Talking of his experience in catering:

“You’re not really front of house and not many people see you…”

(Chef Sherif’s even got a highlight on his Insta of some of his creations!)


sherif lanre love island

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Well, Love Island’s Sherif Lanre has well and truly broke through to the front of house, putting himself on the biggest show in the UK. There’s absolutely no hiding in that villa (not even in the ‘Hideaway’)…

Of course, there has to be a reason he’s landed a golden ticket for the show. His way with the ladies might just be it:

“…But at the moment I’m doing more service and am finding that a lot of girls are hitting on me and I’m hitting on them.”

sherif lanre love island

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So, who’s he looking for in the villa?

Someone who’s ‘able to hold a conversation’, apparently. He seems to be the cheeky charmer with all the chat, so is on the prowl for his match.

The ‘chosen one’ will have to have a sense of humour, as well:

“I feel that I make people laugh so I want a girl that makes me laugh, even if that’s just from being herself and not trying to be funny.”

Oh no, it doesn’t end there either. He has a few physical ‘criteria’ too:

“A nice smile and nice teeth. And nice bum!”

The boy isn’t asking for much.

sherif lanre love island and anna

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He’s A Rugby Boy

Looking back at his Instagram (which actually isn’t plastered in pictures of himself, like most of his fellow Islanders’ accounts), he uploaded an action shot of him from a few years back in November 2016, when he was a semi professional rugby player.


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Composed 🏉🤘🏾👑

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It’s thought he used to play the rugby team, Alleynian Rugby in his hometown. Little is known about his rugby commitments recently, as he seems to be quite selective with what he shares on social media (oh how that is all about to change).

But, ‘rugby’ still remains in his bio. I wonder how long it will take him to whip out the tackles and mow down the boys who are getting in his way then…

He Has A Couple Of BIG Turn Offs

The first being an attention seeker. Strange, because from episode one he seems to be quite the larger- than-life character himself but, he insists that attention seekers are not a bit of him.

“If someone wants to be the centre of attention, that’s a pretty big turn-off for me.”



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Napa 2K17🤙🏾🌴

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Well, given that Anna was ‘Insta famous’ before even stepping foot in the love island villa, the 20-year old chef might want to reevaluate his ‘criteria’.

He has another thing that makes him run for the hills (and most of us, to be honest)…

“And my biggest turn-off is bad hygiene.”

Isn’t this a given? Surely nobody in the world thrives off a stench?

sherif lanre love island

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