By Juliet Smith

4th June 2019

Love Island’s Yewande Biala: Everything You Need To Know

As the nation prepares to put their life on hold for eight whole weeks to watch bikini-clad 20 somethings trot around a Majorcan villa in the hopes of finding love – or fame – we’ve all already fallen head over heels for Love Island’s Yewande Biala.

Brains, beauty and just a bit of drama, although she struggled to land her first pick of men in last night’s coupling, we’re sure that the Dubliner will bag her Prince Charming along the way…

Here’s the lowdown on the Irish 23-year-old…


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Guys!!! What do you think about Yewande and Michael coupling up? Do you think they suit each other or someone else?💛🏝

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What’s Her Job?

If you didn’t already know, brain-box Yewande is a scientist – which no doubt shocks people when she tells them given her dashing good looks…

In spite of her job, Yewande revealed there wasn’t “a science to finding love” and laughed that if there was, she’d been reading the “wrong books”.

Yewande explained:

“I’m a scientist, which is a unique job.

“I think people may be surprised. Every time I say that I’m a scientist, people are shocked.”

“I think there are loads of intelligent people on reality television, last year we had Dr Alex and the year before we had Camilla Thurlow in the villa.”


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I’ve been a bad b*tch! Barbiana 2 posts in one week ! Breaking records here 😂

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Where Is She From?

Scientist Yewande is from Dublin, hence her (absolutely adorable) Irish twang.


She graduated with a first class honours (of course) from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2016.


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I’ve the attention span of a 2yr old 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #blackgirlmagic #melanin #darkskingirls ✨

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Past Dating?

Before applying for the show, Yewande was on Tinder in an attempt to find love, but had an unpleasant experience which really put her off.

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Would She Steal Your Man In The Villa?

Yewande doesn’t seem like the type of girl to steal your BF, but she teased:

“I am a terrible flirt but I’m such a girly girl and I can’t imagine stealing someone’s man in there. I don’t think I’d be that type but never say never.”

yewanda from love island

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