Liam Gallagher BANS His Children From Ever Appearing On Love Island

By Ciara

24th June 2019

Liam Gallagher says his kids are not allowed to appear on ‘Love Island’, and admits he gets the same relieved feeling the morning after not watching the programme as he did when he avoided drugs.

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The 46-year-old star admits he “got into” the ITV2 dating show last year, but he has managed to refrain from tuning into this year’s goings-on in the villa, and says abstaining from the programme makes him feel as happy as he did when he managed a night off illegal substances.

Liam – who has been open about taking drugs over the years – said:

“I actually liked it [‘Love Island’] last year. I got into it.

“I sort of fell into it last year. But I haven’t watched a bit this year, which is good.

“It’s like not doing drugs. It’s like, you wake up in the morning going like that, ‘Did I watch ‘Love Island’? No, I didn’t. Yes!’ “

And Liam – who has kids Molly, 22, Lennon, 19, Gene, 17, and six-year-old Gemma – insists his children would not be allowed to take part on the show.

Asked how he would feel if one of his kids wanted to go on ‘Love Island’, he told ‘BBC Breakfast’:

“No, that ain’t happening.

“It ain’t happening.”

As the 2017 season was drawing to a close, Liam admitted he had been a regular viewer of the third series, and was disappointed there wasn’t a full episode on Saturday nights.

He said at the time:

“I’m watching it every night. Well, Saturday they don’t show it, do they? The ****s. You’ve got to do something else. It’s not cool, man. I’ve got to do things on a Saturday now, go out and s**t you know what I mean?

“I like it man, but I don’t truly understand the bit where they’ve got to kip on the floor, outside. I’m just into the fact that it’s s**t, you know what I mean? It’s just stupid. I’m not getting anything out of it. I’m not learning anything out of it, it’s just on.”

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