Kady McDermott Slams Tom Walker As 'Rude' After Comments About Maura Higgins

By Ciara

25th June 2019

Kady McDermott has slammed ‘Love Island’ star Tom Walker as “rude” after he made comments about Maura Higgins to the other boys in the villa.

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The 28-year-old model landed himself in hot water on the ITV2 reality show this week when Maura overheard him telling the other guys that he was going to find out if she is “all mouth” with her sexual boasts when the pair were set to spend a night alone in The Hideaway.

And after Maura confronted Tom over his comments, former ‘Love Island’ contestant Kady – who finished in third place in 2016 alongside Scott Thomas – has defended the Irish beauty and branded Tom as “rude and cheeky”.

She said:

“I’m the exact same [as Maura]. It was rude and cheeky. He did say it in front of the whole of the lads and it was about her. It’s true she wants to talk about sex and her sex life, it’s not fair for someone else to say it and say things about her.”

Kady also said it was “insulting” to Maura for Tom to believe she would sleep with him the first chance she got.

She added:

“She can speak openly about her sex life and it doesn’t necessarily mean she will sleep with him the first time they get into bed together. I find it a bit insulting.”

The 23-year-old star enjoyed the delights of The Hideaway alongside Scott Thomas when she was on the show, but says heightened excitement doesn’t excuse Tom’s comments.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Kady said:

“When anyone got that text saying they’re going to be in the hideaway, everyone gets excited because the hideaway does usually mean that something would happen … But I just don’t think he should make that comment … it was in front of the boys and she would’ve felt embarrassed.”

After Maura hit out at Tom for talking about her “like a piece of garbage”, he apologised several times, and eventually saved her from elimination during Monday’s (24.06.19) recoupling as he chose to couple up with her again.

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