Jeremy Mcconnell and Stephanie Davis' Relationship Timeline

By Amelia Slater

26th June 2019

Jeremy McConnell & Stephanie Davis’ Relationship Timeline

Reality stars Jeremy McConnell & Stephanie Davis had one of the most public, turbulent and shocking relationships the TV world has ever seen…

After a whirwind romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house turned sour in the real world, the pair plastered their domestic issues and on-off again relationship over social media for all eyes to see.

It seemed the reality TV couple had no real qualms about airing their dirty laundry. We’ve compiled a timeline of this fairy tale love story (ahem) from beginning to end. Better hold on tight, you’re in for a ride!

January 2016 – Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Meet As Contestants On Celebrity Big Brother

Steph and Jeremy’s rollercoaster relationship first begins when they meet as contestants on reality series Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

The pair have a whirlwind romance in the house despite the fact that Steph is in a relationship with Sam Reece at the time…Needless to say, the pair are pretty rocky from the get go!

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis cbb
Stephanie and Jeremy.

Image Source: /TellyMix

5th February 2016 – Rumours Circulate That Jeremy Has Cheated

Shortly after Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis’ big brother experience, rumours circulate that Jeremy had been unfaithful to the Hollyoaks actress.

Things get fiery between the pair after they are recorded having a screaming argument in a hotel.

Later, Jeremy confesses that he had had a night of passion with geordie dancer Caroline Pope.

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis february 2016 cheating rumours

Image Source: /Metro

9th February 2016 – Stephanie Appears On Loose Women Without Jeremy

The couple’s issues prevent them from appearing together on daytime chat show Loose Women. The following day, Steph goes on the show alone. In spite of this, she only gushes about the romance, appearing to be head over heels for the Irish model.

She tells the Loose Women panel:

‘It’s been a massive roller-coaster, I’m finally getting back down to earth. I can’t believe I’ve found someone who loves me, a few years ago I had not a lot of self worth, I never really had anyone who loved me for me.’

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis february selfie 2016

Image Source: /The Sun

April 2016 – Things Seem To Be Back On Track As The Pair Buy A Dog

The turbulent pair appear to have drawn a line under the spat after announcing they have taken their relationship to the next level – and bought a dog!

Reports begin to surface that they had bought pooch, Simba, to practice for being parents…

It turns out that they were bang on the money!

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis buy a dog

Image Source: /Snapchat @Stephanie Davis

May 2016 – Jeremy And Stephanie Break Up…Then Stephanie Reveals She Is Pregnant

After a bitter break-up, Steph shocks fans after revealing that she is pregnant with Jeremy’s child. However, she says that her former beau will not return her calls.

Image Source: /Instagram @stephaniedavis88

13th January 2017 – Stephanie Gives Birth To Son Caben-Albi

After a complicated three-day labour, on 13th January 2017, Steph gives birth to a healthy baby boy who she names Caben-Albi.

Meanwhile, the father of the child is busy enjoying a lads’ holiday.

Image Source: @stephaniedavis88

8th February 2017 – Jeremy Does A DNA Test Live On This Morning

Jeremy reveals that he has doubts over the paternity of baby Caben after claiming that Stephanie had been unfaithful during their relationship.

Still, he takes a DNA test live on This Morning to clear things up once and for all.

Later, the star admits that he is indeed the father.

Video Source: /YouTube

March 2017 – Stephanie Gets Back Together With Jeremy

The pair raise eyebrows when they reunite once again in March 2017. Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis’ baby Caben is too adorable for words!

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis baby

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16th March 2017 – Jeremy Is Arrested For Abusing Stephanie And Destroying Her Home In Liverpool

Playing happy families doesn’t last long after Jeremy is arrested for physically abusing Hollyoaks star Steph and inflicting ‘criminal damage’ to her home.

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis abuse

Image Source: /Mirror

24th April 2017 – Stephanie Says That She Wants To Support Jeremy And Opens Up About His Drug Addiction

In spite of the abuse, Steph stands by Jeremy.

Video Source: /YouTube

July 2017 – Stephanie Is Arrested For Suspected GBH

Following yet another brawl, Steph is arrested for GBH but the charges against her are later dropped.

Jeremy is convicted of assault and sentenced to: 20 weeks in jail, 200 hours of community service and a three year restraining order.

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis arrested for GBH

Image Source: /Daily Mail

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis injuries

Image Source: /Daily Mail

July 2017 – Tragically, Stephanie Has A Miscarriage Due To ‘Stress’

In the same month that Jeremy announces that he and Steph are expecting a second child, Steph tragically suffers a miscarriage, blaming it on the stress of the court case.


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Too loose a child is something I hope no one EVER goes through. The grief and pain is UNBELIEVABLE . Words CANNOT describe. My heart is BROKEN. I lost my baby due to the stress Jeremy put me under, history repeating its self after carrying caben alone for 9 months while he goes out with women and partying and posting pictures on purpose when I was in hospital and nearly lost caben on several occasions. How evil someone can be SELL MY PREGNANCY FOR CASH FOR THEIR COKE!!! the mother of his child with posting revenge porn etc the list goes on, hitting me and setting up paps to take pictures of him on date with some girl as desperate as him, whilst I’m carrying his child!!cheating on me and treating me like I’m not even human I have No words! Evil. He ruined my life and killed our child!and for that I can never forgive him!! He knew I was pregnant and has never ONCE again asked about his unborn child OR asked how caben is, he’s been to busy out on benders and spending money on drink and drugs and getting women to lick his nipples. He’s not paid ANYTHING towards caben since he was born. He doesn’t care about his child, he was simply a trophy child to him. He was found guilty, for a reason. He destroyed my life and took away my happiness, and if anything comes from me being in the public eye and some saddo selling videos of me for a bit of cash when someone’s at there lowest says more about them than me. I hope to help women of domestic violence, to stop what happened to me to other women. I would like to Grieve for my child, find strength and move on. I walked into that court with my head held high after he laughed and goaded me, and I continue to be strong, be a good mum to my son and if ANYTHING has come from my horrific ordeal, to help those who have been in my shoes and help give them the hope, that there is light at the end. I don’t know HOW I’m standing, but I am. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! It may seem mad what’s in the press and a lot not 100% true about me, to deal with it in real life and in the public eye has been soul destroying, but thankfully I’m here to tell the tale. Mummy Loves u little one GBNF 💔

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7th March 2018 – Jeremy Appears On The Jeremy Kyle Show

Almost a year after the toxic relationship had finally been terminated, Jeremy resorts to appealing on The Jeremy Kyle Show for a new start and an emotional plea to see baby Caben – who had not had contact with for eight months prior.

jeremy mcconnell stephanie davis jeremy kyle show

Image Source: /The Sun

In other Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell news, convicted criminal Jeremy has taken time away from the spotlight and Stephanie has since moved on with co-star Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner.

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