Gemma Collins Lands 'American Dream'

By Ciara

7th June 2019

Gemma Collins is set to return to the US after signing a deal with Hollywood agent John Ferriter.

gemma collins on good morning britain

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The 36-year-old star is currently filming her UK reality show but in August, she’s flying out to the US to meet with carious studios and production teams after signing a deal with John Ferriter, an agent who also represents the likes of Piers Morgan and Mark Wright in Hollywood and has been hailed as an expert in “transplanting British stars to the US audience”.

A source told The Sun online:

“She’s finally got her American dream.”

Peter Andre has also recently signed up to work with John and admitted he feels he’s in “good hands”.

He said:

“He’s done wonders for (Piers Morgan) on the shows in America. He’s done jobs with Mark Wright, and all the gigs Mark’s done in America. So I really am in good hands.

“We have actually talked about doing TV work so you know, it is one of the main focuses as well as film…

“I’m feeling quite confident the next couple of years will be really amazing.”

Meanwhile, the former ‘Only Way is Essex’ star recently claimed she is so popular, she needs a team of bodyguard to surround her in order to protect her from getting “mobbed” during public appearances.

Speaking about a personal appearance at a nightclub, she said:

“I have a bodyguard with me as I get mobbed so often I need someone to keep an eye on me.

“I get mobbed with frantic crowds crushing me, so I need security. The crowds have got bigger and bigger. The last time I turned up at a nightclub there was a crowd crush and I needed Sid and seven bouncers to form a protective circle around me.”

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