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7th June 2019

‘Emmerdale’ star Asan N’Jie is “grateful” to Isabel Hodgins for taking him under her wing on the ITV soap, admitting she has taught him “how to be a true professional”.

Asan N'Jie emmerdale

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The former ‘Mount Pleasant’ star – who portrays Ellis Chapman on the ITV soap – loves starring opposite the 25-year-old actress, who plays Victoria Barton, because she is very caring and has taught him “how to be a true professional”.

Asan said:

“She’s amazing. She took me under her wing. She taught me how to be a true professional.

“I am grateful for having an actress like that around me. She’s kept me in line and kept the reins on me.”

Victoria recently discovered she was pregnant after being raped on a night out, and Asan says his character will be “shocked” to learn the news.

He said:

“That’s a huge shock for him. Obviously he used to be with Vic, I feel like Ellis would react differently to the others. Even though the others would be angry and hurt and sympathise with her.

“I think Ellis was made to see it from a different light because he’s actually been with her. He doesn’t know what to feel about. I think it’s really rattled his brain.

“But I think at the end of the day, I think it’s not about him it’s about his concerns and Victoria and he just wants to do whatever he can to be there and support her through that time.”

Asan thinks Ellis would want him and Victoria to reconcile following the ordeal, but his alter-ego is also going through a tough time after being stabbed on the same night.

When asked if he thinks Ellis would want him and Victoria to be together, Asan said:

“I think he would. He wants to be there for Victoria but major things have happened in his life too.

“He’s finding it hard to balance the two and figure what’s going on his head and Victoria’s.

“I think he’s on a bit seesaw at the moment his emotions are everywhere. He doesn’t really know what the future is going to hold at the minute.”

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