Caroline Flack Addresses Yewande Biala's Lack Of Screen Time

By Ciara

11th June 2019

‘Love Island’ host Caroline Flack has admitted viewers “haven’t really seen enough” of Yewande Biala, and suggested that could be because she “hasn’t fancied anyone” on the ITV2 show.

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The ITV2 dating show’s presenter has reassured fans of the 23-year-old scientist about why she may have not had as much screen time as some other Islanders, insisting her lack of romantic interests could have put paid to her being on the box quite as much.

Speaking on spin-off show ‘Love Island: Aftersun’, she said:

“We haven’t really seen enough of Yewande yet have we?

“But is it purely because she just hasn’t fancied anyone.”

TV presenter AJ Odudu, who was a panellist on last night’s (09.06.19) show as it made its return, believes Yewande herself is her “biggest barrier”, and claimed she might have “self-esteem issues”.

She said:

“I think Yewande has self-esteem issues, I really do, I feel like she’s her biggest barrier in there.”

But Yewande looks set to feature a lot more on tonight’s (10.06.19) episode after she got a text in last night’s ep informing her newcomer Danny Williams has invited her on a date.

Her apparent lack of screen time comes after some viewers called for the casting process to change after Yewande was initially snubbed during the launch episode coupling.

Marcel Somerville – who was chosen last when he appeared on the programme in 2017 – said:

“The one thing that lets the show down is when they’re doing their casting they don’t take into consideration people’s tastes.

“The casting progress needs to change. They need to listen and think about who they’re putting in the villa and at what times.

“They need to make sure people match up in terms of their types, they put a bunch of good looking people in there but if you’re putting people in there that won’t form connections you’re making it impossible − especially if it is a person of colour, they’re making it seem like it’s a colour situation.”

Marcel – who found love on the show with Gabby Allen – admitted he was concerned his “ethnic background” was the reason why he was snubbed during the first couplings.

He recently said:

“As a person of ethnic background you do feel ‘Is it because I’m black?’ You do have that go through your head.

“I’m not different from anyone else, I’m a human, I go to the gym, I have a good body. The only difference between you and that person is the colour of your skin.

“For my description I said I was tall dark and handsome but that can mean something totally different.

“But a girl may say the same in her application but mean a tanned man not a black man.”

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