34 Unseen Photos From Inside The Love Island Villa sc

By Joe Royle

19th June 2019

We all know that as soon as the Islanders enter the villa they have absolutely no contact from the outside world. For some of them, this is amazing as they are truly disconnected from any social media and from life itself.

However, for others, this proves quite difficult. I mean, how would you feel if you had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat taken off you for up to two months?!

What we do know is that the producers give them a few mobile phones. We know this because every episode we hear that screeching ‘IVE GOT A TEXT’ line. Not only this, but the islanders are encouraged to take photographs and selfies in the villa of whats going on.

So, here are 40 unseen pics from inside the Love Island villa. Enjoy!

1. Samira looking fire in that pink bikini

I think everyone agrees when we say that Samira is so underrated. She looks so GOOD in that pink bikini and them glasses!

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