By Angie

9th May 2019

So are you ready to find out which Avenger you are most like? Take the test and find out!

With End Game absolutely dominating the box office since opening night, the Avengers are at the forefront of everybody’s minds at the moment. And if you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, chances are you already know everything there is to know about the Avengers – unless it’s backstage gossip and behind the scenes info you didn’t know about, of course.

Don’t worry, because it’s all here – and if you’re still in mourning after End Game, maybe this will take your mind off the pain for a little while. You’re welcome.

1. Captain America Wasn’t Part Of The Original Team (Oh The Horror!!)

We know him as “The First Avenger” and pretty much the glue which holds the whole team together. We can’t even begin to imagine a life where the Cap isn’t part of the original Avengers line up.

But that’s exactly what happened in the Comic series: he didn’t actually join up until the fourth issue of The Avengers comic series.

2. The Avengers Was ONLY Created Because The First Issue Of Daredevil Was Delayed In Going To Print

When publishers realised the very first issue of Daredevil wasn’t going to be published in time, Stan Lee quickly suggested the idea of sticking a load of existing Marvel superheroes together and making a story out of it.

God bless you, Stan.

3. It Was Actually The Wasp Who Came Up With The Iconic Name “The Avengers”

With all great superhero teams comes an epic name – and you’d expect the likes of Captain America or Iron Man to come up with the goods, but nope; it was none other than the Wasp, who suggested that they needed something “colourful and dramatic”.

All hail The Wasp!

4. The Avengers Team Actually Has Honorary Members (And We Need To Be One RIGHT NOW)

Many friends, family members and allies who have assisted The Avengers over the years have been granted honorary member status.

Most notable include the Stark butler, Jarvis, and the man Bruce Banner saved from the gamma bomb’s explosion.

5. Samuel L. Jackson Really Wanted To Shoot A Cameo As Nick Fury In Breaking Bad (No, Seriously It’s True)

Turns out one of The Avengers films was being shot close to Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, and Sam Jackson desperately wanted to stroll into Los Pollos Hermanos, buy chicken and leave.

Now that’s the Avengers film we want to see. Unfortunately, producers told him that there was no time to do it. Spoil sports.

6. Sales Of Shawarma Have Absolutely Shot Through The Roof Because Of The Avengers

Remember when Tony Stark, being his usual Tony Stark self, just wouldn’t shut up about having shawarma with the guys? (For those of you who don’t know, shawarma is a Middle Eastern meat delicacy).

Well, because of that, places selling shawarma all over the globe have had a ridiculous increase in sales. Oh the power of The Avengers.

7. The First Avengers Film Got Slapped With An ‘R’ Rating In The US Because Of Agent Coulson’s GORY Death

It’s safe to say that a lot of deaths happen in The Avengers, and never in a nice way. But for some reason, Coulson’s death was considered particularly traumatic – and it was, let’s be honest.

The fact that Coulson gets impaled deemed it worthy of any under-17 year old needing to be accompanied by an adult, until the producers eventually managed to get it changed.

8. Edward Norton Was Cast Out Of The Avengers Due To His Being EXTREMELY Difficult To Work With

You probably remember Norton playing The Incredible Hulk before Mark Ruffalo stole the show, and you also probably wondered why the sudden actor change?

Well, despite Norton’s high interest in continuing the role, he was rejected due to his alleged battling behind the scenes over the final cuts of the movie. Yikes.

9. You Won’t Believe That The Fighter Jet Used To Break Hulk’s Fall In The First Film Is The Same Jet Used In True Lies 

It’s clear to see that the Marvel films have a WHOPPING budget – but strangely, sometimes, the producers do try and make cut backs…

One cut back was to use a recycled jet from the film True Lies to use in The Avengers. Jump Dana/Hulk!

10. Joss Whedon Initially Believed That Loki Wouldn’t Be Enough Trouble To Keep The Avengers Busy (Er – HELLO, WHAT?)

Seriously? Have you met Loki lately?

You can get a huge, in-your-face villain if you like, but there’s nothing worse than a trickster God. Am I right?

11. Robert Downey Jnr Hid Food EVERYWHERE On Set

It was worst in the lab set (plenty of places to hide things, to be fair).

When you see Tony munching on a snack and offering it round to everybody during scenes, that was never scripted – that was just a hungry Robert.

12. Chris Evans Is Actually Wearing A FAKE Jaw In The Post Credit Shawarma Scene!

You might have noticed that Captain America looks particularly disgruntled during this scene, hiding his face with his fist and not saying anything – and even refusing to eat the delicious shawarma.

That’s because the scene was added at a later date and Evans had already grown a beard for a different role – and refused to shave it off.

13. Pepper Potts Wasn’t Originally Supposed To Be In The Movies AT ALL – Until Robert Downey Jnr Persuaded The Directors

Joss Whedon didn’t want any original supporting characters to appear in The Avengers movies – and it was actually Robert Downey Jnr who changed his mind.

He even convinced the actress to come and do it. Oh the charm of Robert.

14. And The Reason Pepper Is Always Walking Around Barefoot? Because She’s Taller Than Robert Downey Jnr – And The Creators Didn’t Like It AT ALL

The powers that be made Gwyneth maintain barefoot status around Stark Tower so that she wouldn’t be taller than Robert in the scenes.

Because nobody can be taller than Iron Man, obviously. Unless you’re the Hulk.

15. Can You Believe That It Was Originally Supposed To Be The Wasp Instead Of Black Widow?

Show creators originally weren’t sure whether Scarlet Johansson would be on board – so they wrote in Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp as a draft, just in case.

It seems strange to imagine the films without Scarlet and her ass-kicking moves.

16. Hawkeye Was Actually Supposed To Be The Avenger Interrogated At The Beginning Instead Of Black Widow!

We all know the scene – beautiful woman tied to chair, seems vulnerable but absolutely isn’t… In a draft script, the person sat in the chair was going to be Hawkeye.

Personally, I’d rather have Jeremy Renner tied to a chair – but that’s just me.

17. Early Script Drafts Actually Included More Of Thanos’ Backstory – And Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

I’m against anything which gives more screen time to the guy who snapped his fingers and got rid of half our favourite characters.

We know all we need to know about Thanos, thanks.

18. Thanos Doesn’t Use The Power Stone To Fight Hulk In Infinity War Purely To Embarrass The Poor Guy

The Titan could easily have used the stone to beat Hulk fairly quickly, but he chose to beat him in fair, one-to-one combat…

… Simply to prove that he can beat the Hulk in fair, one-to-one combat, of course. He was basically showing off.

19. The Entire Events Of Infinity War Take Place Over Only TWO DAYS!

Well, what do you expect when a mad Titan is threatening the planet?

There’s no time to waste!

20. Remember The Scene Where Peter’s Spidey-Sense Makes The Hairs On His Arm Stand Up? Someone Actually Had To BLOW On Tom’s Ear To Make That Happen!

Erm, can I have that job, please?

It wasn’t CGI, but a completely natural reaction.


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