What The Stars Of Stand By Me Look Like Now

By Ciara

1st May 2019

The 1980s served up a whole load of movies that hold a special place as childhood favourites for so many of us. Case in point: Stand by Me.

From Rob Reiner, that 1986 picture is often looked back on through misty eyes and with a sense of wonderment in our hearts. But, taking the hugely popular Keifer Sutherland and the tragically deceased River Phoenix out of the equation, what have the stars of that film been up to in more recent years? Let’s find out!

10. Lardass Hogan (Andy Lindberg) – THEN

Davie “Lardass” Hogan is only in Stand by Me for a matter of minutes, yet he’s a character that so many instantly think of when thinking back to Rob Reiner’s 1986 movie.

As young Gordie Lachance explains to his pals, Lardass Hogan was involved in a pie-eating contest. Only, y’know, things didn’t go all that well when poor Davie ends up spewing up the contents of his gut all over his fellow competitors.

In terms of film and TV credits, Lardass actor Andy Lindberg only actually appeared in one other project besides Stand by Me. In the decades since then, he’s performed in local theatre productions in his home of Portland Oregon, he is an ordained minister who has officiated at plenty of wedding ceremonies, and, most interestingly, he fronts a pirate-themed band called Captain Bogg and Salty.

Andy Lindberg (Lardass Hogan) – NOW

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