By Cara Dudgeon

13th May 2019

Mrs Hinch: Unknown Facts About The Instagram Star

The world has gone Mrs Hinch MAD! Never has the nation – mainly Hinch fans – been more obsessed with cleaning hacks, cleaning tips and a cleaning pad!

She just had her first baby!

Anyone who has been following Mrs Hinch knows that she has had a very turbulent pregnancy, so I bet she’s happy to finally have her littlest Hinch in her arms.


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Hello Hinchers… Mr Hinch here. Yesterday, the 20th June 2019, at 4.11am, I watched my wife, the love of my life, bring our beautiful son, Ronnie James George Hinchliffe into the world, weighing in at 6lbs 1 oz. I didn’t think I could love Soph any more than I already do, but I was so very wrong. For once, I am completely lost for words. All I can say is thank you for your unbelievable kindness, loyalty and the most pure and genuine love we both feel from you all. I know you’ll understand that we’ll be quiet for a while whilst we take these precious moments in and enjoy our baby bubble. I will be spending today and the rest of my life caring for, looking after and protecting my beautiful wife and son. Ronnie, our darling boy, we love you more than we ever knew possible 💙 Henry, time to be the best big brother ever my boy 💙 Soph… your three handsomes love you and I am so so proud of you ♥️

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Her Surname Isn’t Hinch!

Anyone else feel like they’ve been lied to their ENTIRE life?

Her name is actually Sophie Hinchliffe; Hinch sounds better, right?

Before She Was An Instagram Star, Mrs Hinch Was A Hairdresser

Not to promote the stereotype but, she is from Essex…

I wonder if she will ever return to the salon?

mrs hinch hairdresserImage Source

When She Was 21, She Had A Gastric Band – Which Got Lodged In Her Oesophagus!

Back when the #10YearChallenge was a thing, Sophie AKA Mrs Hinch, revealed that she’d had a gastric band fitted.

The Instagram star gained STONES in weight after she lived off takeaways post learning how to drive. Delivery fees are expensive to be fair!

So, she got herself a bank loan of £6,000 and had a gastric band fitted. Sophie went on to lose eight stone.

However, the story took a bleak turn; just two years after she had the band fitted, it slipped. It got lodged in her oesophagus!

She had emergency surgery to remove it from her oesophagus. However, it is still in her body, just not working.

mrs hinch gastric band

Image Source

There’s No Reason Why She Names Her Cleaning Supplies

Yep, if you thought there was some big secret that you weren’t in on… sorry – you’re wrong.

She has Minkeh, Cliff as well as a whole host of others!

Wonder if Marie Kondo does that with her cleaning supplies?..

She Only Started Her Instagram Account In March 2018

What a whirlwind year it has been for @mrshinchhome.

She started her page after she bought her first house with her then fiancé – now husband, Jamie.

It Then Took Only THREE MONTHS To Gain ONE MILLION Instagram Followers!


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To my Hinchers .. all one million of you 😱 I wouldn’t be here without you! I can’t quite believe what’s happened over the last 3 months .. It’s been a cracking ride, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Here’s to more hinching.. more banging tunes.. and an ever growing community (and cloth fam) of us all helping, supporting and laughing with each other! I genuinely look forward to speaking to you all every day. You’ve changed my life in more ways than you could ever imagine. And I can’t even believe it when you tell me how much I’ve changed yours! Lots of love, Mrs Hinch, Mr Hinch and Henry 💖 ALL THE BEST 💖 Thank you so much to @lightuplovelondon for the amazing letters!! Service was perfect 💖

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Her Dog Has His Very Own Room

Anyone who knows Mrs Hinch will know that she is OBSESSED with her ‘Furbaby’, Henry.

Wonder if he will be sharing with Baby Boy Hinch!


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Well hello my Hinchers!! Firstly how are you all? How’s your hinching going? Henry’s room has certainly been hinched and it smells good 😍🙊 I can honestly say this past week has been such an eye opener for me , I thought I loved you all but jeeez I love you more than I thought I could 😂 I’ve never felt so petrified but so loved at the same time in my whole life! The first book signing was such a huge success and we did it , thank you so much for coming and waiting to meet me! You’ve all taken such amazing pics of your books , I’ve loved seeing them! And the reviews have absolutely blown me away 📖 🙏🏼 Yesterday and today have been my fave type of day .. homely hinching days! All rooms have had a little going over with zoflora , beds made and sprayed, washing basket almost empty, hoovered , Daved , hinched my washing machine filter and even attempted to create some sort of bird area in my garden (please see story) 😂🐦 I know it must get on your nerves that I keep saying this and I’m sorry but I can’t express enough just how grateful I am to have you all .. supporting me like a best friend would. Thank you , always ❤️ all the best xxxx #gifted items have been tagged in this picture

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She IS NOT A Professional Cleaner

Cleaning was originally just a hobby of Sophie’s. Surely the one mil on Insta counts as being a professional cleaner?

She Started Cleaning To Help Her Anxiety

Speaking to Hello magazine, Mrs Hinch reveals:

‘If I’m feeling anxious I use it [cleaning] as a coping mechanism to steady my thoughts. Tidy house, tidy mind.’

She Wasn’t Actually ‘Mrs’ Hinch When She Started Her Account

Despite EVERYONE calling her Mrs Hinch, she wasn’t legally Mrs Hinch for a few months after she set up her account.

Jamie and Sophie got married on August 17th, 2018.

She Met Her Husband When They Were Both Working In Sales

The couple met at a London based job-search company where they both worked in the sales department.

Jamie still works as a sales manager.

Her Book Is A Number ONE Best-Seller

Sophie’s book, Hinch Yourself Happy, became a number one best seller on Amazon.

It is also the second fastest-selling book on Bookseller’s non-fiction chart EVER!

She Broke Zoflora And Increased Their Sales By 28%

Zoflora is one of Mrs Hinch’s most favourite cleaning products, especially the scented disinfectant which is just £1.

People jumped on the bandwagon so much that workers at the factory had to work weekends AND overtime to ensure the shelves were filled! She increased their sales by 28%!

They owe her for THAT UNPAID dedicated instagram post:


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😩 oh dear! I definitely have issues @lovezoflora #zoflora #zofloraaddict

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Her Dog Has His Own Instagram Account

And he has 85,000 FOLLOWERS!

Henry may be a cutie, but let’s just put it into perspective – a dog has 85k followers…

Let that sink in a while.

mrs hinch dog instagramImage Source

She Enjoys Staying In… And Isn’t Ashamed About It

Despite still being in her twenties, Sophie isn’t huge on going out on the town.

Talking about it, she said:

‘Yes I’m only 29 but I would prefer to clean, attempt to cook, sew and buy baskets than go clubbing. That’s Mrs Hinch for ya, and I’m proud of it.’

She even posted this Instagram story:

mrs hinch staying inImage Source

She Is Supposedly Worth MILLIONS

Rumour has it that the social media star has gained more than £1 million from her book deal alone.

Can you imagine how much she gets from her Instagram sponsorships/ adverts and television appearances!

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