Things Caffeine Does To The Body

By Juliet Smith 4 years ago

Headaches? Caffeine Withdrawal? 12 Effects Of Caffeine...
From high blood pressure, to caffeine withdrawal effects, we're taking a look at the common (and not so common) symptoms of caffeine on your body...

A pot of tea? A soothing treat after a stressful day. A cup of coffee? A workday pick me up. A can of coke? A hangover cure sent from the gods...

Most of us couldn't get through the day without caffeine, but (very) sadly, it's doing our body no real favours...

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1. Caffeine Can Make You Feel DANGEROUSLY Anxious

The constant jittery feeling that comes from having cups of coffee can cause you anxiety - but if you're someone who regularly consumes caffeine, attempting to go completely caffeine free (cold turkey) in one go can make this much worse (at the start) as you can experience symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

Alison Stockton, a health and wellness coach and founder of Vibrant Balanced Health, (basically an expert of all things caffeine) revealed:

 “Anxiety can occur if the 'I NEED MY COFFEE' habit is not met,” she explains - we (TOTALLY) feel you, Alison.

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“You may feel a little anxious, maybe even agitated at first, this is all part of breaking a habit, especially one that can be so stimulating.”

However, as with any addictions or bad habits, perseverance will pay off and after a couple of weeks “you may be feeling calmer as your heart will stop racing with high caffeine levels.”

Caffeine increases alertness by stopping the effects of brain chemical - adenosine (the one that makes us feel tired). By doing this, it triggers adrenaline which may lead to anxiety and feelings of nervousness.

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2. You Shouldn't Drink It Less Than SIX Hours Before Going To Bed

It's no secret that caffeine stops you from getting the perfect eight hours; after all, its ability to help people stay awake at work is one of its most valued qualities.

caffeine withdrawal

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It'll probably come as no surprise that caffeine intake increases the time it takes to nod off. What we didn't know? If you drink caffeine six hours before sleep, on average your sleep will be reduced by one hour.

3. It Causes SEVERE Digestive Issues

If you didn't know that coffee has a laxative side effect on your body, you've probably never had one first thing in the morning...

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Given this effect, it'll come as no surprise that too much coffee or tea can lead to an upset stomach in some people.

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4. Your Muscles Can Become Damaged If You Drink More Than THREE Cups Of Coffee Per Day

There's been reports that rhabdomyolysis - a condition where damaged muscle fibres enter the bloodstream - is sometimes related to excessive caffeine intake.

caffeine withdrawal

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Although this is relatively rare, it's best to limit to caffeine intake to about 250mg - that's about three cups.

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5. You Are 99% Likely To Become Addicted

Coffee drinkers might be surprised to find that it's not the 'being addicted' itself, but the effects that come with it. Of course, although caffeine triggers brain signals in a similar way to drugs like cocaine and amphetamines do, the classic coffee addiction isn't the same as taking class As.

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However, it often still leads to both psychological or physical dependency (what makes caffeine addictive), particularly at high dosages.

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6. It Causes High Blood Pressure Leading To Strokes And Heart Disease

The words 'high blood pressure' are rarely used to describe a picture of health...

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Although - in most people - drinking caffeinated beverages doesn't increase the risk of conditions relating to high blood pressure, such as heart disease or stroke, people who already have a high blood pressure should pay attention to their dosage.

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7. It Makes Your Heart Beast Faster And Irregularly

We've all felt our hearts beat quicker after having a large amount of caffeine, but it might also lead to your heartbeat rhythm becoming altered. As your heart beats faster, more blood flows through your blood vessels and your blood pressure rises...

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A condition called atrial fibrillation has been reported - particularly in young people who have a high caffeine consumption from energy drinks - which called heart to beat in an irregular rhythm.

8. It Gives You Energy Quickly... But Takes It Back EVEN Quicker

Let's face it - the main reason why we drink coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks is to boost our energy levels. But what goes up...

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caffeine withdrawal 3

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...Must, of course, come down.

The spike in our energy - like anything - rebounds into fatigue after the caffeine starts to leave your system and leaves you feeling even more tired than pre-coffee.

9. It Makes You Wee More Leading To Chronic Dehydration

So, we've established that caffeine stimulates your bowel movements, but it also increases your need to urinate more frequently.

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If you're an older person or suffer from an overactive bladder, it might be time to start cutting back on your coffee.

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10. Coffee Can Lead To Weight Gain

“If you were to have three coffees a day, all of which are lattes, you could be consuming 200 - 380 calories per drink depending on whether you opt for a syrupy-sweet version,” Alison (the caffeine expert) explains.

caffeine withdrawal 6

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In simpler terms, around a quarter of your recommended daily calorie intake could be going on what you thought was just a morning pick me up. Sounds like a no brainer then, really.

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11. Caffeine Makes Your Smile YELLOW

Reducing your caffeine can help you on your way towards a brighter smile...

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Because coffee is so highly acidic, it can easily erode tooth enamel, causing stains on your teeth.

12. Skin Becomes Duller

Many women (and men) will feel - and see - the benefits of hydration after removing caffeine from their diet.

caffeine withdrawal 8

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Alison explains. “This is because your liver begins to cleanse and detoxify. 30 days is a really good amount of time to see the benefits of taking coffee away, as your liver cleanses and naturally detoxes your body.”

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