By Joe Royle

13th May 2019

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than stepping on to a plane and seeing who you have sat next to you – especially if you’re a solo traveller who knows they might have two very unbearable people either side of them.

It’s even worse when you discover, by some miraculous turn of fate, you have an empty seat next to you – only to see a woman sit down with a crying baby right in front of you.

Unfortunately, it can get even worse than that…

1. Kicking, Bumping Or Shoving The Back Of Your Seat

In case you didn’t know, airplane seats are actually designed to save fuel by being incredibly light (or cheap and plastic-y, to be more specific).

Unfortunately, we all know this means you can feel everything – even a slight movement of the tray table – but the worst has to be someone’s leg or foot wedged into the back of yours.

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