The Actual Age Of The Game Of Thrones Cast

By Kirsty Bachor

7th May 2019

With book to screen adaptions, there obviously comes the task of casting actors the right age for the right characters – but another issue with Game of Thrones is, a lot of the characters are supposed to be very young at the start of the first season. On a plus side, we’ve been able to watch our favourite characters grow into adulthood – literally – and you might be surprised over the actual age of your favourite stars.

1. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) – Age 23

At the beginning of the show, Jon was 16 years old – which he could sort of get away with when he had a baby face.

In the latest season, Jon is supposed to be 23 – which seems ridiculous with that beard and world-weary expression. He obviously knows nothing about looking his age.

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