By Ciara

8th May 2019

Stephen Bear has been trying to persuade Georgia Steel to go on a date with him after he worked with her on a fashion photoshoot.

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The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner developed a soft spot for the ‘Love Island’ babe when they worked together on a fashion shoot recently and now he’s keen to get to know her on a more personal level by taking her out to dinner.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the 29-year-old hunk said:

“She’s on a reality show yeah, she’s quite big. She said to me ‘everyone says you’re like the boy version of me,’ and I’m like, ‘really?’ There’s a clue… she’s got brown hair!”

The ‘Ex on the Beach’ star was so determined to bag a date with the 21-year-old star beauty that he “slid into her DMs [direct messages on Instagram]” after they wrapped up the shoot last month because he wanted to apologise for his jokes.

He explained:

“I slid into hers. What I did was, I wound her up a little bit joking about, I messaged her when we finished what we were doing and was like I was only joking about earlier babe. And we just got talking really.”

Although the pair haven’t managed to finalise a date in their calendars thus far, Bear is adamant that he will get Georgia out before the end of the month.

He said:

“At the end of the month yeah.

“I’m working at the minute, but I want to see her. I like her, I like her, I do man. I’ve met her in a work environment so that’s how I know her, but we get on.”

His determination to win over Georgia comes just weeks after he took TOWIE’s Chloe Brockett, 19, out, before realising he didn’t want to see her again.

He explained:

“No, so I saw her on ‘TOWIE’, I turned it on, and I was like who’s that? So I slid into her DMs, and we just got talking and next thing I know, going to her house, having a bit of food and a laugh.”

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