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14th May 2019

Scarlett Moffatt will be joined by her parents Betty and Mark in a new show, for the first time since she appeared alongside them in ‘Googlebox’.

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The 29-year-old TV presenter has revealed she has a “fun opportunity” coming up this year with her parents, Betty and Mark, and she is “really excited” for the rest of 2019 as a result.

Speaking at the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Sunday (12.05.19), Scarlett – who shot to fame on the Channel 4 show in 2014 – exclusively told BANG Showbiz:

“This year I’ve got one of the funnest opportunities ever.

“I can’t say too much about it but it’s with my family, which I haven’t done since ‘Gogglebox’, so I’m probably saying too much.

“So I’m really excited for this year.”

The ‘I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp’ co-host was appearing at the TV BAFTAs for a third time on Sunday, and admitted she thought it was “a fluke” when she was first invited to the ceremony.

She added:

“This is my third year now, I feel so lucky to be here again.

“The first time I got asked I thought it must be a fluke and they were going to realise I am a northerner and like, ‘What is she doing here?’

“But they’ve asked me for a third time, which is amazing.”

Last week, Scarlett confirmed she is dating police constable Scott Dobinson, and described him as her “soulmate”.

She wrote:

“SOPPY POST ALERT After being broken a couple of times I decided I owed it to myself to give me as much love as I had given others, I put my efforts into self love and for once I felt truly happy (flaws and all). Then all of a sudden this man came into my life unexpectedly and now my heart is even fuller. No one has ever made me feel this way. You truly are my soul mate

Never give up on love and most importantly never give up on yourself (sic)”

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