By Angie

10th May 2019

Well, we can all say that we have seen at least some of this show, but many of us can say that we’ve seen them all more than once. No joke! In fact, it’s still a staple program to check out whenever you are wondering what to binge watch these days.

We can, of course, never forget all of the extras on this show which helped make it a success. From boyfriends, girlfriends, a wife, kids and even a monkey – we have them all right here!

So, let’s take a look and see what all of these extras from our favorite show look like today after all of this time…

Maggie Wheeler – Janice

Image Source

She was the super annoying girlfriend of Ross who would always say “Oh My God!”, but it wasn’t what she said but HOW she said it that got on everyones’ nerves!

She had a real nasal tone that was the worst!

Image Source

Despite her annoying voice, it was very funny each time!

Paul Rudd – Mike

Image Source

This guy was Pheobe’s best mate ever! Well, with her it’s never an easy thing but he was very sensitive to her weirdness.

He was sort of her side kick!

Image Source

We were glad when things worked out for them.

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