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2nd May 2019

Line Of Duty: The UK’s Most Watched Show Of The Year So Far

‘Line of Duty’ is the UK’s most watched tv shows of the year, as voted by Radio Times, with an average of 10.6 million viewers for the first four episodes of the ongoing fifth season.

All eyes are on the Line Of Duty cast right now- as the desperate search for ‘H’ reaches a pinnacle this Sunday (or does it?)

Will we actually find out on the final episode of this series? There’s rumour circulating that it could potentially (and painfully) be dragged out until season six (please NO, don’t do that to us). The drama of who the balaclava man (or should we say balaclava men), in the last series was enough for us.

line of duty intro

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The fifth season of the hit BBC drama has continued to prove very popular with fans and the first episode of the latest series currently stands as the most watched of 2019 so far with an audience of 13.2 million viewers, according to 28-day four-screen data. It’s had a reaction that could rival that of Game Of Thrones’…

The first four episodes have pulled in a larger audience than any other show on British television this year, with an average of 10.6 million viewers in seven-day four-screen consolidated figures.

Showrunner Jed Mercurio said:

“We’re thrilled and flattered by the amazing response to this series of ‘Line of Duty’.

“On behalf of the whole production, I want to thank our viewers for their fantastic loyalty, and World Productions and the BBC for their unstinting support.”

line of duty jed

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Meanwhile, executive producer Simon Heath has heaped praise on Jed and the cast – which includes the likes of Adrian Dunbar (Superintendent Ted Hastings), Vicky McClure (DI Kate Fleming) and Martin Compston (DS Steve Arnott) – for the huge success the show has enjoyed to date.

He added:

“It’s testament to Jed’s brilliant writing and the best cast on British TV that the audience for ‘Line of Duty’ has grown bigger with every series.

“A huge thanks to the BBC who took a chance on a small show in Birmingham back in 2011 and to everyone who’s supported us since.”

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A sixth series of the crime drama by creator Jed Mercurio has already been confirmed by the Beeb, and boss Jed is keen for the programme to go even further

He previously said:

“We’re looking forward to a conversation with the BBC once series five has aired … about whether there is an appetite from fans to have more, or whether there’s a feeling the show is coming towards its natural arc.

“That conversation will be very specific, which is whether series six will be the last, or whether the BBC would be prepared to commission a seventh so we can approach series six knowing it’s not the last.”

line of duty boys

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The current series concludes with a feature-length finale on Sunday night (05.05.19) at 9pm.

While you line of duty fans are twiddling your thumbs for something to distract you until the finale, check out who the real life partner’s of your favourite cast members…

Adrian Dunbar (aka Superintendent Ted Hastings) and Wife Anna Nygh

Ted has that undeniable charm, stemming from his roots in Northern Ireland. He also happens to be one of the prime ‘H’ suspects, after showing an insight in to his criminal potential earlier in series 5, when his wife Roisin Hastings (Andrea Irvine) was admitted to hospital after a brutal attack by Corbett (Stephen Graham).

You might think that with age comes less attention from the ladies, but it seems things have taken quite the opposite turn for Dunbar, having gained heart- throb status at the ripe age of 60:

“That’s a subject of some amusement, obviously. We didn’t expect any of that.”

His eyes are on one lady only, though- his wife, Anna Nygh, who he’s been married to since 1968- these two are true soul mates!

line of duty cast ted wife

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Anna is a fellow actress, best known for her role in Sweeny 2, and is from across the pond in Australia. The couple now reside in North London and share a daughter. Let’s hope all this attention doesn’t go to his head!

Martin Compston (aka DS Steve Arnott) and Wife Tianna Chanel Flynn

After a disastrous mission whilst working for the Counter Terrorism unit, Steve was swiftly transferred to AC 12- where he’s now considered one of the leading investigators. He’s even hoping for a promotion (ohh ayeee)…

Scottish actor Martin (yep he’s actually Scottish, unlike his character in Line of Duty) married his sweetheart Tianna in 2016, in a lavish ceremony, complete with traditional kilt.

line of duty cast steve wife

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Tianna is a well- established actress in her own rights, having starred in the likes of Secret Diary Of An American Cheerleader and How To Get Away With Murder. But, did you know, her first UK appearance was actually on Line Of Duty, alongside her husband?

She made a cameo as a potential match on a dating app for Steve (now you’re going to re-watch to check, aren’t you?) Only the eagle eyed amongst you would have put two and two together on that one!

Stephen Graham (aka John Corbett) and Wife Hannah Walters

Having had roles in American drama series Boardwalk Empire and the classic This Is England, Stephen Graham was believed to be joining the Line Of Duty cast after a blurred image of him appeared online. And what a welcomed addition he turned out to be!

line of duty cast john

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He plays the tough bad boy, whose presence caused quite the impact:

“He’s the most dangerous guy we’ve come up against. By far.”  

Stephen married actress Hannah back in 2008 and the pair have two children. Did you know that they actually BOTH appeared alongside each other in This Is England?!

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Lennie James (aka Chief Inspector Tony Gates) and Wife Giselle Glasman

With a career dating back to the early 1990s, the actor has appeared in Guy Ritchie film Snatch, BBC series Line of Duty and, more recently, he spearheaded the homegrown drama he wrote, Save Me. But it’s the American series The Walking Dead that has established James as a household name before he made more waves in the Line Of Duty series.

Tony was the main subject of investigation in the first series of the hit show, and often came to blows with Steve Arnott – understandably. Oh, and he’s also the one with an ex-mistress stuffed in a freezer. Standard.

line of duty cast tony

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He very much keeps himself to himself behind the scenes, in terms of his private life. He’s been successful in keeping his wife, Giselle Glasman (her name is just about all we know about her), to himself.

What we do know, is that the pair live in the Hollywood Hills together (when he’s not busy here filming for the line of duty series). The couple also have three daughters together- Romy James, Celine James, Georgia James!

line of duty cast tony wife

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Thandie Newton (DCI Roz Huntley) and Husband Ol Parker

Brtish actress, Thandie Newton, who plays Roz, was actually a fan of the line of duty series before she starred in it in series 4. Despite being British, it was actually in the states that Newton landed most of her roles:

“I don’t have the opportunity to work in Britain very much because there are a lot of period dramas and they often don’t have calls for women of colour so I went to Hollywood.”

line of duty cast roz

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Thandie has actually been married to Ol Parker, who happens to be the mastermind behind Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, for 20 years now! The pair share three children: daughters Ripley and Nico and son Booker.

line of duty cast roz husband

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Neil Morrissey (aka Nigel Morton) and Partner Emma Killick

Neil has had his fair share of partners (and affairs- his most memorable with BGT judge Amanda Holden, back in 2000). The Lothario has been in a long term relationship with lawyer Emma, who despite being committed to, vowed in 2016 that he would never marry again.

line of duty cast nige gf

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He’s had quite the turn around from his womanizer days, now finding himself instead with a mop and bucket in his hands:

 “In my real life I cook, I clean and I iron. That’s the kind of relationship we’re in. I’m not the ­domineering male in the house.”

Anna Maxwell Martin (Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael) and Husband Roger Michell

Anna is actually married to Notting Hill’s director, Roger Mitchell. Mitchell already had two children before they met but now the pair have had another two children together.


line of duty cast anna husband

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Polly Walker (Gill Biggeloe) and Husband Laurence Penry-Jones

Gill in ‘real life’ goes by the name of Polly Walker and has quite a quiet life compared to her on screen character. 52- year- old Polly has been married to her other half, Laurence, since 2008. Making sure to keep it in the industry, she went for Laurence who is also an actor, having starred most notably in Doctors!

line of duty cast gill husband

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Craig Parkinson (DI Matthew Cottan)and Wife Susan Lynch

Craig is married to Northern Irish beauty Susan, who is also an actress and has appeared in Killing Eve. It seems this cast like to keep it in the industry! The loving pair share a son and keep out of the spotlight down in the Cotswolds!

line fo duty cast matthew

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Keeley Hawes (DI Lindsay Denton) and Husband Matthew MacFadyen

Actress Keeley bagged herself her very own Mr Darcy with actor Matthew, and we’re only a little bit jealous. They tied the knot in 2004 and have two children together.

line of duty cast lindsay

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