By Ciara

7th May 2019

Kelvin Fletcher is set to join ‘Dancing On Ice’ after impressing producers with his skating skills.

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The 35-year-old actor – who portrayed Andy Sugden in ‘Emmerdale’ between 1996 and 2016 – has impressed show bosses with his ice-skating videos and they are keen to sign him up for the new series.

A source told The SunOnline:

“Kelvin is strong and he can skate. Producers have already seen videos of him skating already and are impressed.

“Kelvin’s name has come up a few times over the past weeks and they are keen on him.”

Meanwhile, Kelvin previously revealed he doesn’t watch ‘Emmerdale’ anymore because he wanted to “put some distance between” himself and the soap.

However, he admitted that the public “keep him up to speed” on what’s happening in the soap since he decided to call time on his Dales career so he doesn’t need to watch the soap.

He said:

“I don’t watch as it clashes with my daughter’s bedtime and I needed to put some distance between me and the show but it doesn’t matter because everywhere I go, the public keep me up to speed.

“They ask why I haven’t visited Sarah (Andy’s daughter) or if I even know she’s ill. They’re very passionate both in person and on social media.

“I do keep up with how the show is doing in terms of awards as I’m still good friends with Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) and Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden, Andy’s brother). They’ve both continued to do so well as has Emmerdale over the past couple of years. It’s so well deserved and a long time coming!”

Kelvin admitted that playing Andy has left him wanting to explore as many “different roles as possible” and he confessed he’d love to star in a “historical drama”, because he’s a bit of a “geek”.

He added:

“After playing the same character for so long, I’m just keen to do as many different types of roles as possible. I’m a history geek so I’d love to do a historical drama maybe but I just want to stretch myself as an actor.”

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