By Juliet Smith

24th May 2019

Did Sam and Cici (First Dates) Ever Get Together?!

We all love following the show’s dates, but it’s the reactions of Sam and Cici (First Dates waiters) that really grab our attention…

Although First Dates is meant to be about the show’s daters, there’s no denying that it’s the hilarious waiters and waitresses that sometimes steal our hearts…

As well as drooling over mega heart-throb Fred Sirieix and revelling in the daters’ awkward silences, we also LOVE the flirty banter between our beloved CiCi Coleman and fellow waiter Sam Conrad – it’s our (not so) guilty pleasure.

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After Sam admitted – back in 2016 – that he had a crush on his colleague (and let’s face it – who wouldn’t?!), we were all left hoping and praying that the pair would quickly get together – and, of course, screaming at our tellys to encourage Sam to PLEASE just ask her out.

But our hearts – along with the rest of the nations – were left in pieces back in 2016 as we watched CiCi get herself glammed up and head off on a date, leaving Sam watching on looking pretty darn sad – it was all too much.

First Dates: Sam & Cici

Flirtationship: When you regularly flirt with a friend or colleague. First Dates

Posted by Channel 4 on Monday, 9 October 2017

Our hearts were quickly mended after – the very same night – Sam managed to bag a date of his own: Millie, who returned to the restaurant to give the waiter her number. Consider this heart melted.

Speaking about the evening they met, Sam admits he was shocked when Millie walked into the restaurant to speak to him.

He explains:

“I was very red faced when she walked in.

“I was embarrassed when Fred called my name, it’s one of those things, I always try and be prepared for any situation but when something like that happens it’s like ‘woah!’.

Sam added:

“It took a very brave Millie to do that, a lot of the props go to her for doing it – I was caught off guard.

“She’s such a fun girl, the confidence thing makes her so attractive…

“Fingers crossed, there are so many variables in life but fingers crossed it all works out but it is what it is…”

“In essence, I was jumping for joy, but you have to be calm and collected rather than overly excited as it can be off putting sometimes.

“Also, when I’ve got Fred next to me saying: ‘Go on, Sam, you can do this!’ it’s like, ‘Oh, can I? Yes I can!’”

sam and cici

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Both waitress Cici and fellow waiter star Sam Conrad’s dates went well, but the romance appeared to fizzle out pretty quickly after the both announced they were single (again), leaving us hoping (and praying) that the pair might just get together.

But the answer – ladies and gents (as of yet) – is a resounding NO – don’t worry, we’re as disappointed as you…

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Of all the times CiCi openly shared her frustrations with her dating life, it turned out that she was eventually swept off her feet by a hunk, who also appeared as a guest in the restaurant on the show’s Christmas Special.

Earlier this year she shared photos of her now long-term boyfriend on her Instagram page, one captioned:

“Christmas Day no.2 with this one. Didn’t think it was possible to find someone on the same level of cray-cray as me – he definitely proved me wrong.”

cici boyfriend

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Although Cici has appeared to finds love, Sam is still waiting to find his very own (single) Cici… *watch this space*

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