By Ciara

31st May 2019

Danny Dyer will front his own BBC One game show when ‘The Wall’ launches later this year.

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The ‘EastEnders’ actor has been confirmed as the host for ‘The Wall’ – with questions voiced by Angela Rippon – and the new Saturday night series has been described as “the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck”.

He said:

“I’d never had a desire to host a gameshow before I saw this game. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help win the public some serious life-changing readies. I love it.”

Viewers have been promised “colossal wins and heart-breaking losses” on the upcoming show, which will requires pairs to have the right answers, the right bounces and trust in each other to win the life changing cash prize.

Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment Commissioning at BBC, added:

“‘The Wall’ is an exciting, challenging and tense quiz where destinies dramatically change with the drop of a single ball.

Danny is an unforgettable and very unique host as he commands ‘The Wall’, roots for the contestants and hits our hearts and our funny bones.”

The six part series is set to be a spectacle, and the team are delighted to have Danny, 41, at the helm for its launch.

Richard Hague, Creative Director at Remarkable Television, said:

“This show is epic not just in scale, but in the drama that unfolds throughout the game.

Having Danny at the helm means we’re in for a memorable, compelling and entertaining watch.”

The series is set to launch later this year, and applications are already live at for people hoping to take part.

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