By Lucy Cooper

29th May 2019

Chloe Sims And Pete Wicks: Proof They’re DESTINED To Be Together…

Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks are two of TOWIE’s most respected and long serving stars (given that the current cast is made up predominantly of new recruits).

Neither Pete (30) or Chloe (37) exactly have a glowing track record when it comes to love, a lot of which we have seen played out on the show; Chloe is a single Mum and Pete is a lone pirate, yet fans have been ‘shipping’ the pair for months now. There’s no denying the chemistry the pair have, despite them just labelling themselves as ‘best mates’


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More Than Just Friends?

But we, along with the nation of TOWIE fans, think it could be a whole lot more. Let’s take a look back at their histories and see why they’re destined to be together.

Chloe Sims is the ultimate TOWIE star- she’s a true veteran and has been part of the TOWIE furniture for years now. We’ve watched her transition from the shadows as the big cousin of Joey Essex, to the boss/independent woman she parades about as today. She’s captured fans by her sense of humour and loyalty, that is unwavering for her girls (and Diags).


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Time To Settle?

The OG TOWIE cast are all growing up now: with Sam and Billie Faiers having moved to their own reality show with their little families; Amy Childs is now a Mum of two; and there’s Chloe Lewis who is the most recent of ex- TOWIE stars to announce her pregnancy.

Then there’s Dan Edgar still not able to keep it in his pants…

Granted, they’re all at different stages in their lives, but we feel Pete and Chloe are on the same wavelength- past the Essex drama and ready to finally bite the bullet and settle down. Chloe was forced to do this fourteen years ago when she had daughter Maddie, but unfortunately things didn’t work out with her baby Daddy, leading her to TOWIE. They do say everything happens for a reason…

Perhaps the trials and tribulations both Pete and Chloe have had along the way has brought them to this point, destined for their single paths to cross. Fans have recently been speculating even more recently, following Pete’s recent breakup with ex Georgina Mullins, despite claiming she was a ‘game changer’.

pete wicks and ex georgina mullins
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The Serial Sexter

“I’ve met someone recently who has been a bit of a game changer. I’m with someone now who is a lovely girl, she’s not from Essex and I’m out of the game.”

They say romance is dead, but only until you’ve heard how Pete first ‘met’ his ex:

“It sounds weird but she posted about the M25 speed cameras and I wanted to know about it so I DM’d her to ask her.”

Pull the other one, Pete.

Somehow, it worked, and things went from strength to strength with a relationship between the pair evolving nicely. Pete had admitted the couple had to work hard on their long distance romance, with the ‘Pirate’ of course, residing in Essex, while Georgina is based in Lincoln with her daughter.

Things were going well, until Pete the serial sexter, went back to old habits that dropped him in the hot water before. After sexting another girl, saying he would ‘make sure it hurts’ when they had sex AND inviting her to his Essex pad, Georgina called time on their relationship.

It’s not been long since Pete split from TOWIE co-star Shelby Tribble for the very same reason- this guy needs his phone taking off him. Shelby, 26, was left devastated to find explicit exchanges on Pete’s phone, with up to TEN women. Maybe he has a problem?

pete wicks and ex shelby

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The birth of Mental Meg…

Then there was the Megan and Pete saga, which Chloe found herself in the midst of. Pete was caught red- handed by Megan, texting his ex Jaqui Ryland behind her back while on holiday with her. The messages slated Megan for ‘not drinking’, with Pete admitting that he ‘couldn’t wait to get home’. Ouch. So there was a valid reason for ‘mental Megs’ meltdowns’.

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Somehow Megan ended up getting the most backlash on the show, falling out with her fellow cast members over the saga (that was Pete’s fault). One of the members she came to blows with the most was Chloe Sims, who claimed to just being a good mate’ to Pete.

She stood through his side through it all, despite Pete of course being in the wrong.

megan mckenna and pete wicks arguing

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Forever The Supportive ‘Friend’

Recently Chloe and Pete’s friendship has shown its strength again, following Chloe’s up and down romance with co-star Dan Edgar. With Dan being younger than Chloe (by 9 years), having the questionable reputation he does with girls AND being the best friend of Chloe’s younger cousin, Joey Essex, it was just a recipe for disaster from the start.

But, as TOWIE goes, the pair were tested in front of the cameras, put in to many an awkward conversation where we saw Dan clearly doubting the romance, and Chloe clearly being head over heels (he is fit, we’ll give her that):

 “You know that I’ve always thought you were beautiful and a nice person. So for you to say you had those feelings, I was really happy. There isn’t any pressure from me. Now I want [the relationship] more than I wanted it two days ago, I feel like you’ve started to pull away.”

Viewers didn’t back the pairing and neither did many of their cast mates- let’s be honest- can we imagine Dan Edgar as a step- Dad? Not just yet…

chloe sims and dan edgar date

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We rarely saw just scenes of the pair just having fun and enjoying each other’s company, it was always just a deep chat or a heated argument. After Dan’s ex, Amber Turner, made an appearance claiming she was still seeing Dan and still ‘had a toothbrush at his’ (you’ve got to laugh), it showed just even more to every one that maybe it wasn’t the right thing for either of them.

Of course, Chloe’s knight in shining armour Pete was there for a shoulder to cry on:

“She’s having a bit of a tough time but Chloe’s one of the strongest women I know so she’ll bounce back like she always does. She’s an amazing person.”


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More rumours flew, that Dan had got with another woman whilst things were getting close with him and Chloe:

“She was warned not to go near Dan but her feelings for him were too strong to ignore. Olivia [Attwood] filmed scenes for the show last Thursday and told Chloe Dan had got with another girl on the weekend.”

It seems like Essex boys just can’t keep it in their pants. There could be worse places to live though, I suppose…

Whilst Pete just supported from the side lines, being the supportive ‘mate’ Chloe needed:

“A lot of people like to get involved and throw their two pence in. At the end of the day it’s down to them to do what they do and you have to be there to support them regardless of what the situation is.”

dan edgar and chloe sims airport

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Chloe’s Had Her Share Of Romances…

Chloe’s had her share of love interests on the show over the years (she has been on it for nine years now). She shared a year long romance with Mark Wright’s cousin, Elliott Wright, back in 2014 and a brief fling with Italian Stallion Mario Falcone, just after his split from Lucy Meck.

The bubbly blonde has also been linked to Liam ‘Gatsby’ (that was an odd match), as well as more recently her co-star Adam Oukhellou. Outside of TOWIE, Sims has also had her share of romances. Back in 2016 she was seen locking lips with the ultimate playboy himself- Calum Best, as well as being seen on the arm of multi- millionaire Robert Tchenquiz in the same year.

chloe sims and robert date

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This one really got tails wagging, given the 2o year age gap, but Chloe was quick to shoot down the rumours and label the pair as just ‘friends’. Where’ve we heard that one before?

She was also linked to Tyrone Hermitt, the guy who went on a date with Chloe’s ex co-star Ferne Mccann, on celebs go dating. They were pictured together on a wild Ibiza holiday back in 2017:

chloe sims and tyrone celebs go dating

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The Mystery Baby Daddy…

Then there was her longest relationship, of seven years, with her baby daddy ‘Matthew’, 42, whose identity she kept on the down low until only recently. We finally got a glimpse of the mystery man who we’ve heard a lot of talk about over her TOWIE years, when she shared an Instagram story with him at their daughter’s fourteenth birthday bash.

Despite him being the father to her child, Chloe admitted back on 2012 that she had only ever been in love once before, and it WASN’T with Maddie’s dad (ouch).

“I’ve only ever been in love once and that wasn’t with Madison’s dad. It was with the most amazing man I ever met – he was so funny with perfect looks. I really fancied him.”

The pair still remain close, however, just in a different way:

“I was with Maddie’s dad, Matthew, for seven years, but we ended up like brother and sister and that isn’t what I want.”

chloe sims baby daddy \

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Diving even further back in to Chloe’s love life, she was shocked to realise that one of her exes is now her ex- co star’s Amy Child’s baby daddy:

 “I had a shock when I saw pictures of her with him when I was with him when I was 18! His name’s Ritchie and he used to live next door to my cousins Frankie and Joey. But I haven’t seen him in years.”

Then we get to present day- whilst Chloe is trying to regain her youth with her toy boy Dan, she could well have what she’s been looking for right in front of her eyes…

…Pete The Pirate.

On the latest series of the show, we saw him whisk Chloe away for a camping break (with her sister, Demi, later joining the pair). It was, of course, a friendly trip but scenes of the pair stargazing and having some pretty deep chats got viewers thinking it could actually be more than what they say.

chloe sims and pete wicks filming

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Like A Fairytale…

Pete opened up to Chloe:

“Everyone wants a fairy-tale. I want a soul mate and all that s*** but sometimes things don’t work out that way… One day I would like to find my soulmate.”

To which Chloe responded:

“Mine is also, I want my soulmate, and my next one is that I want my daughter to be healthy and happy, always.”

There’s obviously a lot of love between the pair, whatever that love might be:

  “I just want to tell you both that I love you, and thanks for coming.”

The ep got fans excited:

fan tweets they want chloe sims and pete wicks together

chloe sims and pete wicks tweet

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The pair recently had a PDA (kind of) on one of Chloe’s recent Instagram pics (see the comments):

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We say watch this space! If things don’t work out between Chloe and Dan we have a feeling it might just be time for these two to give it a try. Failing that, maybe she could try her hand at the new series of Love Island…

Have you ever wondered what Chloe looked like before she found fame? Well, wonder no longer…

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