By Ciara

31st May 2019

Amanda Holden “panicked” that she would get fired from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ after she swore live on air.

amanda holden britain's got talent

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The 48-year-old television star was left feeling terrified after she was asked to take part in semi-finalist The Haunting’s act and she admits she “panicked” after uttering the swear word live on air and asked boss Simon Cowell if she’d lost her job.

She said:

Everything happens to me. It always bloody happens to me. They never get Alesha [Dixon] up, she’d always want to know how it all works, like Miss Marple, where I’m like, ‘Yeah I’ll get up.’ And it’s normally me who falls a*** over t*t or swears. No, I’ve not learnt my lesson, I’ve not washed my mouth out with soap either. I would defy anyone not to have sworn, they would have said worse than I did.

“There were only 200 complaints to Ofcom – nowhere near my record – but I did go into panic mode afterwards. I chased Simon into his dressing room and said:

‘You’re not going to fire me, are you?’

And he replied:

‘Don’t be f***ing ridiculous’.

I said:

‘You know Simon, the world has gone mad now.’ It was unplanned and I didn’t mean it in any bad way, but there is so much political correctness now and so much stuff flying round that you just don’t know. I am lucky to have survived this long in this climate. I texted Piers Morgan and just wrote ‘#Gutted.'”

However, the swearing didn’t go down too well with her daughters Hollie, seven, and Alexa, 13, who had tuned in to watch their mum on the semi-final show.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, she said:

“My kids would get b******ed if they swore. They were with my parents because they’re here helping out. My dad stuck up for me and said he only heard the first part of the word and the rest was a scream.

Hollie said:

‘Mummy, did you say the F-word?’

I said:

‘No, Hollie, Mummy didn’t really.’

Then she said:

‘But you definitely said the S-word on Stephen Mulhern’s show, didn’t you?’

And I had to just say:

‘Yes, sorry about that.’ Me and Chris really do try not to swear at home.”

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