By Joe Royle

10th May 2019

Step aside Thylane Blondeau because there’s a set of twins here already set to steal your crown – and it’s two for the price of one with this adorable pair. Identical twins Ava Marie and Leah Rose have already whipped up a storm and amassed a great internet following, hailed the most beautiful twins in the world.

But how did it all come about?

The Beautiful Twins Are Born

Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements were born on the 7th July.

Already showing star power with their big blue eyes.

The Twins Are Born 4 And A Half Weeks Earlier Than Planned

And Ava is one minute older than sister Leah.

And apparently their mother doesn’t even know who is who in this photo!

At Only Six Months Old, The Twins’ Mother Considered Signing Them Up For A Modelling Agency

She could already tell that they were model potential, but she eventually decided that the girls were still too young.

A wise decision.

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