By Angie

23rd April 2019

Back in the ’80s, television was a big part of our entertainment and we were glued to the set most evenings to watch a British soap, whether it be Crossroads, Coronation Street, Brookside, Eastenders, not forgetting Emmerdale Farm, as it was known, back then.  There were also a whole host of American soaps that were aired over here, more exciting than the Rovers Return or the Woolpack.  I’m talking about glamour and enormous shoulder pads in Dynasty and whodunit questions surrounding J R in Dallas.

We were treated to Knots Landing and the Colbys, in between a visit to Walford and the Queen Vic and we couldn’t wait for the next episodes, as we were always left with a cliffhanger, wondering how we would cope without finding out what had happened.   It would be a regular discussion between family and friends and we spoke about the soaps as if it was real life.

Would you like to see how your favourite ’80s soap stars look now?  Well, your wish is my command.  You decide whether the actors and actresses have worn well and who might have gone under the knife!  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.

JACK P. SHEPHERD – David Platt….then

Who would have thought butter wouldn’t melt in this youngster’s mouth!  David was the son of Martin, Gail’s second husband.

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He’s still there and what a cracking actor he has become.  He gets so fed up of his interfering mother and probably uses that excuse for his behaviour, which can be very eratic.

SIMON GREGSON – Steve McDonald….then

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Steve, a twin with Andy, spent most of his mad youth falling in love and marrying a few girls, over the years.  He was but a boy when he joined the soap.

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