This Is What Logan From Zoey 101 Looks Like Now

By Kirsty Bachor

16th April 2019

Remember Zoey 101 Cast? Here’s What They Look Like Now…

It’s easy to say that we might be a little too old to be watching the Zoey 101 cast – but it wouldn’t change a thing, because we’d watch it anyway…

Admit it, you wanted to be Zoey – and you wanted to be with Logan. And it all ended because Jamie Lynn Spears fell pregnant which led to the show’s cancellation – gutted.

So, is Logan still cute? Is the actor who played Chase as angry as we are that we never got to see him hook up with Zoey? So many questions left unanswered.

Dustin Brooks (Paul Butcher) – THEN

Usually little brothers on these sort of shows are mischievous and annoying – but Dustin is the perfect little bro, always there for his sister, Zoey, and happy to help anyone, really.

zoey 101 cast

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He was also a bit shy – how much more adorable can he get?

Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) – NOW

Apparently that cuteness followed Paul into adulthood – and now he’s really got that broody, smouldering look down, hasn’t he? Still acting, Paul is also a singer and musician. In fact, Paul hasn’t really stopped acting (in small roles)… he’s appeared in Avatar: The Last Airbender, King of the Hill, Over the Hedge and My Legacy.

Zoey’s younger bro now has an active YouTube channel — with a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” that has over 500,000 views.

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And if his social media poses are anything to go by, he should also be a model (or fancies himself as one).

He’s Also Been Seen Hanging Out With Some Pretty Cool People

You’re obviously a big deal when you’re acquainted with the greatest showman himself, Hugh Jackman.

This photo is everything you ever want. They’ve obviously been getting hair tips from one another, too.

Michael Barret (Christopher Massey) – THEN

Michael is the funny and talented best pal of Chase and Zoey – he is a natural athlete who loves Basketball, and also plays the flute (which is a cool instrument IMO).

He was also once addicted to potato chips (we’ve all been there).

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Christopher Massey (Michael Barret) – NOW

Christopher, the older brother of That’s So Raven‘s Cory, is now also a rapper and comedian; he has appeared in a few sitcoms with his younger brother, such as The Parkers. In addition to his acting career, Christopher is still putting new music out on his SoundCloud.

In 2016, Massey was actually arrested for allegedly shoving his girlfriend and booked for misdemeanour domestic violence.

Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders) – THEN

Zoey’s bestie in our favourite childhood show (sorry Suite Life of Zack and Cody) Quinn is a super brainy girl who loves to work on a crazy experiment or two – and crazy is definitely how other people saw her. The character of Quinn wasn’t in the original plot for the show, but it was written in specifically for the actress after she impressed Dan Schneider the creator.

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She later goes on to have a pet alpaca and start a secret romance with Logan – which turns into publicly-declared love. Aw.

Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky) – NOW

Along with being an actor and writer, Erin’s Instagram profile declares her as a lifelong Yogi and a climber, too – so a very active gal then.

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last selfie of 2018 / thank you, next

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She has appeared successfully in many TV shows, such as Mad Men and The Mentalist. 

Erin Has Come A Long Way From The Geeky Looking Girl With Cute Pigtails

And she’s not afraid to show off her great physique on social media, either.

Erin is also in a happy relationship, showing she’s a pro at a great work-life balance.

Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) – THEN

He’s the main man with the “crazy Jewish afro” (to quote Michael) and known to be quite dorky and clumsy – which is the best way to be, especially with that hair.

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He harbours a secret crush for Zoey, though he never acts on it, and eventually just accepts that they’re supposed to be friends (A.K.A The Friend Zone).

Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews) – NOW

Flynn continued with his acting after Zoey 101, appearing in Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood and Devious Maids. His roles have been few and far between, however.

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Gotta respect a good photo bomb.

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He appeared with Christopher Massey when they revived their characters to open a time capsule they buried 10 years ago in a special episode of the show.

Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas) – THEN

Zoey’s other bestie, Nicole, is introduced as “boy-crazy” and particularly bad at sports – she’s more the ditzy girly girl, and we love her for it.

zoey 101 cast 7

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Her obsession with the opposite sex escalates after being diagnosed with Obsessive Male Gender Disorder, and she is then sent to an all-girls school.

Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow) – NOW

Alexa had many roles after her appearance in Zoey, including Supernatural and Heroes, though she decided to quit acting in 2013.

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Alexa is back livin in LA on the 1st! Hit me up!

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She’s now working hard with photography and art, and many of her professional snaps can be seen on her social media (she’s very talented). She’s also happily in love with her fella.

Stacey Dillson (Abby Wilde) – THEN

Stacey’s the character with the lisp and a weird obsession with glue and cotton swabs (there are worse things to be obsessed with, I suppose…). Stacey appears throughout Seasons 3 and 4 and always has bad luck, despite never doing anything wrong to anyone. Stacey is teased in the Nickelodeon series for difficulty in pronouncing words with the letter ‘S’ in – but don’t worry, her lisp goes away after Mark accidentally runs into her in the car.

She has a crush on Logan, which she doesn’t mind admitting too, calling him “hot and spicy” at regular intervals – and really, you have to respect the girl for that.

Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillson) – NOW

Wilde carried her Stacey Dillsen role everywhere with her, appearing on several other shows including Sam & Cat and iCarly. She starred in her first full-length film – and her only film – Family of Four in 2009.

She’s also appeared many times in roles for the stage, including Shakespeare, and is a crazy cat lady and mommy to her ginger cat, Watson.

Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice) – THEN

Lola is the aspiring movie star who took delight in scaring her roommates with her acting skills – like pretending to talk to the dead, and dressing as a goth. The best friend and roomate of Zoey, Quinn and Nicole is a great actress and dreams of being famous one day. We all remember that time Lola ran for Miss PCA (Pacific Coast Academy: the name of the boarding school) and ended up falling out with Zoey.

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Her acting prowess extends to even convincing Logan and Chase that she is a boy. Bravo.

Victoria Justice (Lola Martinez) – NOW

Justice went on to land her own series, Victorious, and has even had a singing career, with her first single released back in 2013. The actress has also appeared in the films The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Fun Size, The First Time and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.

She celebrated her 26th birthday earlier this year (don’t we feel old now), loved-up with her boyfriend. Adorable!

In 2017, She Also Starred With Adam Lambert In The Rocky Horror Picture Show

She’s big on her charity work as well, supporting the likes of the United Nations Foundation, benefitting AIDS, children and the environment, to name a few.

She’s also a Harry Potter fan. Could she be any cooler?

Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) – THEN

Logan was one of the main cast and one of our favourites – which stemmed mainly from his fluffy hair and cute smile (he was the show’s eye candy).

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He was the boyfriend of Quinn (lucky girl) and was born into the rich lifestyle of his father, TV and movie producer Malcolm Reese.

Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) – NOW

It’s great to see that Matthew hasn’t lost the curly locks – and now he even has a playful moustache tattoo on his finger.

Perhaps channeling his fictional father from the show, Matthew has now got into the movie industry and is now a filmmaker. He’s directed two short films already – Bones and Carly Pearce.

His Social Media Is Littered With Cool Shots Of Him Standing Behind A Camera

He makes it look so easy.

Matthew is also an advocate for living life to the full, respecting others and making memories – he’s an all round cool guy.

Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) – Then

Rumour has it that Zoey 101 ended when Spears — Zoey Brooks — got pregnant at 16.

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Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoe Brooks) – Now

After holding back from publicly commenting on the termination of her contract due to her pregnancy, Jamie Lynn (Britney’s sister) recently revealed on Instagram that her contract was ended before she found out she was pregnant.

Fans flooded her social media page:

“Oh wow you didn’t quit because you were pregnant, you waited this long to tell us,” one follower wrote.

The former Zoey 101 actress replied, “Nope…I went home to finish high school and was going to pursue movies.”

Jamie still maintains it was her decision to leave the show:

 “After we wrapped shooting, I just wanted to go home to Louisiana and finish high school, be a cheerleader, all that,” she told Glamour. “Then I found out I was pregnant.”

Apart from raising her daughter Maddie, Jamie Lynn has been working on her music, releasing her first single in 2013 and debut EP the following year. In the same year, she married Jamie Watson and the pair gave birth to a girl, Ivey Joan.

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Mark Del Figgalo (Jack Salvatore Jr.) – THEN

After making several cameos, Mark made he first full appearance in Season 1 of the Nickelodeon show as Dustin’s Spanish student. We all remember him for having absolutely no emotion and kissing Quinn quite a few time – oh and that he loves salami!

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Jack Salvatore Jr. (Mark Del Figgalo) – NOW

Nowadays, Jack is a stand-up comedian who posts hilarious videos and short sketches  on his YouTube channel.

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