By Kirsty Bachor

16th April 2019

It’s easy to say that we might be a little too old to be watching Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon – but it wouldn’t change a thing, because we’d watch it anyway, and still love it. Admit it, you wanted to be Zoey – and you wanted to be with Logan. And it all ended because Jamie Lynn Spears fell pregnant which led to the show’s cancellation – gutted. So is Logan still cute? Is the actor who played Chase as angry as we are that we never got to see him hook up with Zoey? So many questions.

Dustin Brooks (Paul Butcher) – THEN

Usually little brothers on these sort of shows are mischievous and annoying – but Dustin is the perfect little bro, always there for his sister, Zoey, and happy to help anyone, really.

He was also a bit shy – how much more adorable can he get?

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