By Angie

23rd April 2019

The stars of ‘Dallas’ became worldwide stars throughout the run of the show from 1978 to 1991. Watching the lives of two Texan families at war over love and oil was obviously compelling to audiences with around 350 million viewers tuning in each week worldwide.

The show celebrates it’s 40th birthday this year after the release of the first episode in 1978. Let’s take a look behind the camera at who each of the cast have dated and married over the years.

1. Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman played the role of the infamous schemer, John Ross ‘J.R.’ Ewing.

Larry appeared in every one of the 356 episodes of the show and is probably the most famous of the cast. He reprised his role in the ‘Dallas’ 2012 remake but away from the show he never quite had the same level of success, probably partly due to persistent health issues.

Sadly after two battles with cancer, he died in November 2012 at 81 years old.

In the 2012 ‘Dallas’ remake:

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