By Kirsty Bachor

1st April 2019

With social media and the advance of tech, it’s all the more important to want to keep up with trends these days – and what to name your child is fast falling into the category of what’s cool and what’s not. Celebrities have a little more freedom in how absurd they want to go – Apple or North West, for example – but for the general populace, it’s always better to stick with traditional or attractive-sounding names to start your baby’s life the right way.

So here’s a countdown of the top 20 names so far this year.

Is yours number one?


Not to be confused with Emelia, which has a different origin entirely, this girl’s name means ‘industrious’ or ‘hard-working’ (and if you’re an Amelia, you can decide whether that’s true or not!).

It has English and Latin origins, and reminds us all of the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic.

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