The Most Bizarre Conspiracy Theories

By Amelia Slater

25th April 2019

The world loves to speculate and is there anything more interesting than a good old fashioned conspiracy theory? From theories of the universe and government cover-ups to reptilian humanoids and aliens, there’s more out there than you could possibly imagine!

And the scariest thing? Some of these theories actually come with a barrel of supporting evidence. Yep, some people really have way too much time on their hands…

You may want to sit down for this and grab a friend – your mind is about to be blown!

1. Elvis Is Alive And Is Working As A Groundsman In Graceland

Elvis Presley a.k.a. the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ died in 1977 after a sudden and tragic heart attack…or did he?!

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There is actually a theory that suggests the rock legend faked his own death and is still alive – living under a different name. Allegedly, he is working as a groundsman in Graceland. If he was alive, the singer would be in his eighties.

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