By Lucy Cooper

29th April 2019

Which meal deal a person picks can really say a lot about a person as it’s such a personal choice, and often never the exact same for anyone.

With the amount of variety on the shelves these days, it’s often a task in itself while you’re on your lunch break, often even more stressful than work.

You don’t want to get in to the trap of always getting your fave, because it won’t be long until you’re bored of it. But, you also don’t want to branch out and end up regretting your choice.

Everyone who’s a keen meal dealer knows there’s a leaderboard in the supermarket world- some get it, and some just don’t. Let’s see where your fave ranks…

Waitrose (non- existent) – RATING: 0/10

It’s the crème de la crème of supermarkets and don’t you know it when you look at your receipt.

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It even think it’s above meal deals as it’s yet to offer any. Instead, you’ll be expected to buy the items separately, which will probably set you back an arm and a leg.

They haven’t even tried.

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