By Angie

23rd April 2019

When I’m browsing the confectionary aisle at the supermarket, there can be row upon row of mouthwatering sweets, chocolate and other sugar based snacks and yet I can’t decide what to choose.  When I stumble on the retro candy shelf, it all changes and I want to fill my trolley with Refresher Chews, Floral Gums and Sherbet Pips.

I may be all grown up, with teenagers of my own, but you can’t take away the cravings of a 70s and 80s kid.  There was nothing better than going to the local sweet shop and gazing at the goodies on offer, making a purchase and scoffing the lot before you got home.  Well, it saved the bother of sharing!

Similarly with chocolate biscuits, they have the same name but aren’t a patch on the quality and taste we experienced,  Whilst we can’t go back in time, there is nothing stopping us reminiscing and giving a salute of respect to the treats we were honoured to have known, gone but not forgotten.

Sour Tastes You Couldn’t Get Bitter About

We all loved to give our tastebuds a treat, mixing flavours and making the odd, strange expression, as if we’d eaten a whole lemon.  There was plenty of candy fit for this title.

Dip Dab – And again

The tangy powder stuck to the strawberry lolly and we shoved it in our mouths, repeating until the sherbet had disappeared and our tongues felt weird.

These were sour with a capital ‘S’.  Displayed in the jar, along with it’s sharp cousins, in the sweet shop, it was like a bush tucker trial, sucking them and trying to refrain from spitting them out.  Instant relief ensued, when we bit into them, releasing the more than welcome chocolate.

Chocolate Limes – Tangy citrus

Image source

Sherbet lemons were the tangiest of all.  Even if you weren’t a fan, you couldn’t stop eating them.  We were tough in those days!

How To Stay Fresh With Mega Minty Munches

Who needed ‘Gold Spot’ mouth freshener when you could blow your head off with ‘Ipso’ drops.  Whilst 2 ounces of mint imperials was for the unadventurous, there was a rich supply of products that made us want to breathe over everyone, with confidence.

Pacers – Take your time

Image source

Individually wrapped in stripey wax paper and very chewy, Pacers were related to Opal Fruits and the two often crossed paths.

It’s quite the norm, these days, to buy chewing gum in jumbo packs but we never had that privilege.  There were only about 6 pieces in each pack.

PK Chewing Gum – Stick to it

Image source

You could even get PK out of a machine for about 2p.  If you were spotted chewing at school, the underneath of the desk came in handy.

Mint and chocolate were made to be together and this match was utilised in the form of a delicious, long, slim chocolate bar, divided into 8 portions, 4 for me now and 4 for later on.

Fry’s Peppermint Chocolate Cream – What a delight

Image source

Then there’s the famous ‘Mint Cracknel, iconic bright green centre, which ‘chased those blues away’.  ‘Tootie Minties’, sister of ‘Tootie Frooties’ was a welcome addition to the clan.  My mouth’s watering at the thought – happy days!

Feeling Fruity – You Will After Seeing These

I reckon fruit sweets must have been slightly healthy.  They gave you energy to play out for hours and also contributed to 2 of your 5 a day, if you ate enough, right?

Fruit Polos – Wholly delicious

Image source

It was easy to eat the whole packet within minutes.  If you were offering one to a friend, you’d pray it was going to be green or yellow and definitely not red.

When you went into the sweet shop, there would be jars of candy, standing to attention, preparing to be weighed and put into little white bags.  If you were short on the cash front, you could ask for an ounce.

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