By Ciara

15th April 2019

Stacey Dooley’s ex-boyfriend says she is dating her ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner Kevin Clifton

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The 32-year-old TV presenter and Sam ended their five-year relationship earlier in 2019, and Sam has now claimed to have learned of Stacey and Kevin’s relationship via text.

He claims Kevin sent a text to his ‘Strictly’ partner that read:

“I love you.”

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, Sam explained:

“The blame is with Kevin. He’s an absolute rat.”

Sam added that he and Stacey had already agreed to split when he discovered she was dating Kevin.

He recalled:

“I was getting my stuff to leave. Stacey was in the loo.

“Her phone went and it was Kevin Clifton – ‘I love you’ with a red love heart.

“I grabbed the phone and confronted her. She said she’d tell me everything I needed to know.”

According to Sam, Stacey subsequently confessed to falling for Kevin during their time on the show.

She wrote:

“Sam, I know you hate me at the moment.

“But you saw I didn’t start entertaining and texting him (Kevin) until I split up with you. I was not with you when we started it all.

“I did fall for him but when we were done. I will tell you anything you want to know.”

Sam – who was left feeling heartbroken by the news – replied:

“I don’t hate you Stacey. I hate what you’ve done.”

Despite feeling upset, Sam thinks discovering the truth was a “blessing”.

He explained:

“I needed a sign because I wasn’t going to be told – I’d be left in the dark for the next two or three months.

“I actually felt relief – the shock came later. I got closure from Stacey within a second. For me, the blame is mainly with Kevin.”

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