By Nick

1st April 2019

Daniel Radcliffe’s £17,000 mattress…Akon’s very own diamond mine…Kim Kardashian’s Louis Vuitton bin – just some of the ‘necessities’ today’s celebrities have purchased with the loose change hanging around in the bottom of their piggy banks…We’ve all been there, sitting on the sofa whilst watching our favourite TV shows whilst innocently thinking to ourselves, “I wonder just how much they earn?”

Well, today is your lucky day my friends, wonder no more. Think soap stars, TV presenters, reality TV personalities, and maybe the odd royal thrown in for luck! We are going to uncover the juicy earnings of them all. So buckle your seatbelts and get yourself comfy, as we unleash some rather (or extremely) controversial personal information on our fave stars – in the words of Taylor Swift, are you ready for it?

20) Michelle Keegan – £2.7 Million

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Keegan is best known for starring in Coronation Street and being the wife of TOWIE star Mark Wright.

Put it away, Shell

When she was on the soap, it has been reported that she was on an annual salary of £60,000.

Her net worth is apparently £2.7 million. And with her hubby’s pay pack very wealthy to me.

Keegan has a clothing line with the luxury high street brand, Lipsy; which is said to pay her £250,000.

19) Piers Morgan – £17.6 Million

He is arguably the most controversial person on this list of celebrities. Are you ready?

Get your hands up!

Morgan is known for being the first thing we see in the morning – although many of us would rather not…

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He is the co-presenter of ITV’s morning news programme, Good Morning Britain, with Susanna Reid.

He is apparently paid £1.1. milod Morning Britain, which is £100,000 more than Reid.

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