By Juliet Smith

15th April 2019

You might think your life is interesting, but that time you ran into your ex in Walmart is hardly movie material…

Don’t fret though, these stories certainly are! Here are the astonishing real-life people behind your favourite movie characters…

Matthew McConaughey – Ron Woodroof (Dallas Buyers Club)

Electrician Ron Woodroof played by Hollywood’s McConaughey is shocked to learn that he has contracted AIDS and has just 30 days to live. Seeking out other therapies to cure his symptoms, Woodroof smuggles drugs into the U.S. and starts to sell the treatment to other people in need… his story is mad enough to be the fiction of some crazy Hollywood fantasy, right?!

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Well, many viewers are shocked to find out that the Ron Woodroof’s unbelievable story is actually based on a true story.

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