Inside All The Kardashian/Jenner Homes

By Emma Moylan

14th April 2019

Despite their endless posting on social media, the countless articles written about them and their infamous TV show, the Kardashians are actually really hard to keep up with… SO much drama.

Oodles of cash – and a lack of sense – their homes are positively as lavish and fabulous as them. Well, except the Kimye pad. Just wait until you see how weird that place is. Let’s have a sneaky peak…

KENDALL: The Posh Pad

This stunning mansion might actually be the home of our dreams… Floor to wall windows, a roof garden AND I spy deckchairs for sunbathing. This house is a dream.

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Kendall has some super hardcore fans, many of whom have actually made their way into her previous house! Not cool. Her current mansion – bought in 2016 – will hopefully give her a bit more privacy. And the bedroom is regal.

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