By Emma Moylan

15th April 2019

It’s hard to keep track of what food is currently edible in our fridge as we buy a week’s worth of food and then proceed to order takeaways…

Fresh fruit and veg turns to mould in the blink of an eye, the chicken seems a bit questionable and how long has that tin of baked beans been sat at the back of the cupboard?

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a much needed list of foods you can eat after the expiry date…

1. Chocolate: Up To 8 MONTHS (The Grainy/White Look Is Just Sugar!)

There’s nothing more heartbreaking then when you find your Christmas chocolate in May and it’s got that grainy white look about it… BUT you can actually still eat it.

It’s caused by the crystallisation of the fat and sugar in the bars and whilst it doesn’t look great or taste as amazing as when it’s fresh, you can still eat it! Woooo. Just depends how desperate you are for it. Probably very.

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